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With a luxurious décor inspired by the legendary Moguls of Rajasthan, a visit to Prana Spa is a journey to a different time and place, far removed from the stress of everyday life. Prana Spa is a complete haven of relaxation and therapy, a healing experience that combines the wisdom of ancient Hindu Ayurvedic concept.

Enter the lofty courtyard and full meaning of Prana will be revealed to those in search of something different and meaningful in their lives. Our trained therapists will ease away your stress and tensions with a wide range of treatments and therapies.

Everything from traditional Balinese massage to Ayurveda with special oils ans scrubs imported from India are of the many ways we transport you to a stress free mental plane some call Nirvana.

Special packages for Hens Day Program
ABL Wedding Services

1. Romantic Bliss - 2 hours
Normal Rate : US$ 78.65
Treatment includes:
- Healthy Drink
- Hot & Cold Plunge Pools
- Prana Foot Ritual
- Relaxing Massage
- Lulur Body Scrub
- Choice of Refreshing Facial or Foot Reflexology
- Frangipani and rose petal flower bath
- A surprise spa gift after treatment
- Pick up and return transfer for minimum 2 persons from hotel to Prana Spa and V.V

2. Royal Indulgence – 3 hours spa treatment plus lunch/dinner
Normal Rate : US$ 133.10
Treatment includes:
- Healthy drinks
- Spa Entry (Hot & Cold Plunge Pools, Sauna & steambath)
- Prana Foot Ritual
- Lulur Body Scrub
- Choice of Manicure and Pedicure or Prana Signature Facial
- 3 course set lunch/dinner with a glass of soft drink or juice
- Chill Voucher for complimentary 1 hour reflexology treatment at Chill, Bali’s Coolest Reflexology Spa that can be exchanged anytime during your stay in Bali
- Pick up and return transfers from hotel to Prana Spa and V.V

Package Price:
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Prana Spa Menu

Spirit of Bali - 2 hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 78.65 net
This treatment includes: Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, Prana Foot Ritual, Balinese Oil Massage, Exfoliating Lulur Scrub (choice of exfoliating scrubs), Fresh Yoghurt Polish, Rose Petal and Frangipani Bath, Healthy Jamu Beverage

Holistic Massage - 2hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 90.75 net
his treatment includes: Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, Sea Salt Body Scrub and Face Scrub in Rain Shower, Hair Cream Wrap, Seaweed or Clay Body Mask and Steam, Aromatic Body Lotion Massage (Body and Face), Healthy Jamu Beverage

Ayurvedic Simple Bliss – 2hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 96.80
a one-hour massage to ease away stress and tensions in your body, followed by a one-hour Shirodara treatment to calm and soothe your mind.

Java Herbal Wrap - 3hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 102.85 net Your Special Rate : US$ 85
This treatment includes: Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, Prana Foot Ritual, Javanese Oil Massage, Prana Foot Massage, Boreh Scrub, Java Herbal Wrap, Rain Shower, Healthy Jamu Beverage

Sun and Moon – 3hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 108.90 net
This treatment includes: Welcome Drink, Prana Foot Ritual, Aromatic Essential Oil Massage, Cleansing Facial, Exfoliating Scrub (Milk, Lulur, Coffee), Prana Foot Massage, Body Polish ( Milk/Honey, Yoghurt, Papaya/Pineaple), Shower Jet, Sauna or Steam, Rose Petal and Frangipani Flower Bath or Shower Rain Massage, Refreshing Beverage and Healthy Jamu, Aromatic Body Lotion, Hair Dry

Divine Renewal - 3.5hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$127.05
This treatment includes: Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, Aromatic Sea Salt Scrub in Rain Shower, Seaweed or Clay Body Mask in Steam, Seaweed Facial, Aromatic Massage, Cream Bath, Healthy Jamu Beverage, Fruit Plate

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation – 4hour treatment
Normal Rate :US$242 net
This treatment includes:, Tri Dosha Drink, Prana Foot Ritual, Prana Rebalance Treatment, Shirodara, Healthy Snack, Prana Eye Ritual

Prana Spa Ritual - 6hour treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 302.50
This treatment includes:, Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, Prana Foot Ritual, Balinese Oil Massage, Exfoliating Body Scrub (choice of scrubs), Body Polish, Relaxing Facial, Healthy Cuisine, Manicure or Pedicure, Cream Bath

Ayurvedic Prana Shirodara - 60 minute treatment
Normal Rate : US$ 66.55
Prana Shirodara begins with a soothing Ayurvedic massage of the head, scalp, neck and shoulders to help melt away any tensions or stress. Your therapist will then massage and nurture the vital marma points to stimulate and energize the bodily system. You will enjoy perfect calmness and tranquility as a golden stream of specially blended, warmed, medicated oils softly caresses your forehead and scalp

Prana Rebalance - 90minute treatment
Normal Rate : US$181.50
Immerse yourself in the healing world of Ayurveda with this signature treatment originating from India. Prana Rebalance is like an all-over detoxifier, designed to bring you into a grounded state of wellness. This begins with a Pizichil, a synchronicity massage where two therapists simultaneously massage warm medicated oils into your body. Prana Rebalance has been created to restore the body back to balance and is recommended for those who want to improve sleep patterns and general well being.

Facials & A la Carte Menu:
Prana Eye Ritual - 40minute US$ 30.25
Prana Signature Facial – 60 minute US$ 54.45
Male Facial – 60 minute US$ 54.45
Hydro Facial Treatment - 75minute US$ 72.60
Anti Ageing Treatment - 90minute US$ 72.60

60 Minute Relaxing Massage US$ 48.40
90 Minute Deep Tissue US$ 66.55
60 Minute Prana Foot Massage US$ 36.30
60 Minute Barefoot Shiatsu US$ 36.30
Body and Beauty Treatments:
45 Minute Manicure or Pedicure US$ 24.20
45 Minute Spice Island Experience US$ 30.25
60 Minute Cream Bath US$ 36.30
75 Minute Cellulite Treatment US$ 54.45
30 minutes Aromatic Sea Salt Scrub and Rain shower US$ 30.25

All prices are inclusive of 21% Government Tax and Service Charges