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Wedding at Ma Joly Restaurant

When you decide to hold your wedding at a restaurant in paradise island of Bali, then Ma Joly Restaurant is definitely a good choice. This beachside restaurant, serves a fine selection of world-class French and International cuisine, as well as the freshest fish from Jimbaran Bay. But delicious dishes are not the only thing Ma Joly has to offer.

You can hold your wedding in a pavilion supported by Romanesque stone pillars running half the length of the white sandy beach and not to mention the stunning sunset view as the background of your romantic wedding vow. You can also tie the knot on the open terrace or under the shelter of a traditional Balinese alang alang roof, where stylish decor is complemented by Indonesian artwork.

In short, Ma Joly restaurant offers delicious dishes, fantastic venue and for other wedding arrangements ablwedding.com is ready to assist you personally in delivering your dream wedding into reality.

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The next on the list is cost. The cost of a wedding in a restaurant depends on how much space and how long you are going to occupied it. If you plan to use entire restaurant for the whole day, you’ll most likely have to compensate the owner for all the business he will be giving up on your account that day. But if you want to minimize the cost you can choose a restaurant that has more than one dining area, or private dining facilities, so the proprietor can keep his main dining room and bar open.

Right after the cost on the list is capacity of the restaurant, especially if you are going to invite a large number of guests. Find out how many people the restaurant can accommodate comfortably and take a look on the interior design of the restaurant, think twice before booking a restaurant full of banquettes, which will give you even less flexibility. Also check out that there are an adequate number of bathrooms for the convenience of the guests.

A venue for the ceremony is next on the list. Find out whether the restaurant has have a separate space or small room or a terrace or maybe a lawn that can be used for the ceremony.

The décor of the restaurant is also has to be taken into consideration. Most restaurants come with their own distinctive look, which might include unusual art and vivid colors. Make sure that you are ok with the décor of the restaurant and don’t forget to ask whether you’re allowed to bring in the flowers and other decorations you want. Also pay attention to the ambience, for example if the restaurant put emphasis on evening open sky view, schedule cocktails to take advantage of the spectacle.

Next on the list is the entertainment. If you are a dance lover, make sure that you’ll be able to have at least a DJ and a dance floor. Also, since most restaurants are designed for quiet background music, it is wise to ask the manager how loud your music is allowed to be.

Last but not list are parking and smoking facilities. For the parking facility, if the restaurant you’re going to use as wedding venue is in city center, it’s not likely to have a lot of parking space. If so, check out for the parking sites near your chosen site. As for smoking facilities, some restaurants will allow you to designate a special smoking room for your guest, or if your reception is in a private room, the restaurant’s main bar area might be available for smoking.