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Religious Wedding

A religious ceremony must be performed before the civil ceremony. Therefore, those who have already been legally married in their own country but wish to exchange their vows or even renew their vows may take this type of service. It is important to know that Indonesia will marry any couple who hold one of the 5 religions recognised by this country (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist) and actually prefer that the couple are of the same religious belief, the religious ceremony is performed by a representative of the couple’s own religious belief i.e. Protestant couple may not have a Hindu ceremony but it is possible to have a Symbolic Balinese Blessing.

There are 5 kinds religious ceremony you can choose :

Christian Wedding in Bali
Christian wedding / Church of England is a religious wedding led by the Christian Celebrant called ‘PASTOR’. The easiest wedding ceremony and requirements is the protestant way, it doesn’t require much paperwork. The couple will receive a certificate of Marriage from the Chrisitian Church in Bali and the couple can continue to have the Civil Ceremony to legalise the wedding at the same time and at the same venue, then you will get one more certificate of marriage from Civil Minister both in English and Indonesian and these certificates are will be legal in your country too. Extra fee for Civil Ceremony at USD 100/net

Catholic Wedding in Bali
Catholic wedding is a religious wedding led by a Catholic Priest called ‘ROMO’. A Catholic wedding requires much paper work and both partners must be of single status. The Catholic Church will not allow divorced persons to marry again unless the former spouse is not Catholic. The Priest will come to the hotel/villa where you perform the ceremony. This ceremony will be legal by the religion only. The couple can have the civil ceremony to legalise the wedding by Civil Minister from our Government on the same day and at the same time after the religious ceremony with an extra fee of USD 100/net and you will get 2 (two) certificates of Marriage after the ceremony.

Muslim Wedding in Bali
A Muslim wedding is one of the Legal religious weddings, which is conducted by a Muslim Minister called ‘Penghulu’. After the ceremony the couple will receive the marriage certificate from the celebrants called ‘Buku Nikah’ that is issued by Muslim Courts called ‘KUA’ (Kantor Urusan Agama) which is already legalised by the government and this certificate will be legal in Indonesia and also in other countries after being translated to the couple’s language at their representative Consulate within Indonesia.

Buddhist Wedding in Bali
Buddhist Weddings are conducted by a Buddhist Celebrant called a ‘MONK’ and the ceremony can be performed only at the Buddhist temple called Vihara. The Monk will not be allowed to come to the hotel/villas or venue to conduct and bless your wedding as it is one of the rules and regulations from the Buddhist Society called WALUBI even though ABL Wedding Services will able to assist you to hold the wedding in this way and we will take you to the closest Vihara in Bali.

Balinese Blessing in Bali
Many couples who are already legally married or for some reason don’t want to be legally married in Bali but still wish to have experience of marriage by Balinese tradition, have tried the Balinese Blessing Ceremony. It’s important to know that this is not a legal wedding ceremony and no certification will be presented at the end of it. It is a ceremony where the celebrant should pray for good things such as: safety, health, a bright future and happiness for the couple. It takes approximately 20minutes in total, performed by a Balinese Celebrant and an assistant who guide the couple through the ceremony. It’s preferred that couples be dressed in Balinese costume.