Having your wedding in a chapel in paradise is no longer a dream. The paradise island of Bali offers some beautiful chapels with elegant architecture and superb surrounding view that can serve as unforgettable venue for your wedding in paradise. Without futher ado here is the list of chapels in paradise island of Bali.

The Vimala Chapel

“Vimala means pure in Sanskrit” The art of the wedding in the heart of UBUD Ubud is located in the heart of Bali’s central region and is famously known as a haven for arts and crafts, and culture seekers. Nestled between picturesque rivers and verdant padi fields, Ubud is a bustling little town with a wonderful variety of art galleries, restaurants, cafés and a busy calendar filled with a rich array of traditional dance performances and religious ceremonies.


St.Regis Chapel

With its stunning beachfront location, the Cloud Nine Chapel is more than a venue for weddings. It is also the perfect choice for a variety of social events, including a celebratory lunch of up to twelve guests and an intimate and romantic candlelight dinner for two.


Santi Chapel

From the front entrance of the Santi Chapel grounds, you are greeted by cascading terraces of water in the image of Bali's rice terraces, enveloping an award-winning glass chapel perched on an island of green. Choose a Daytime wedding in this tropical garden under blue skies, and in the peace and quiet of the air-conditioned chapel. Or choose a Nighttime wedding in the dramatic and magical Bali night, in the reflection of candlelight and amazing lighting from within the pools of water surrounding Santi Chapel. To symbolize the start of your life together, which do you select? Day or night?


Blue Point Chapel

Overlooking the vast Indian Ocean, Blue Point Chapel, which is nestled on the top of a cliff on the extreme southern shore of Bali, offers the stunning view of the ocean to enhance the beauty of your wedding moment. Blue Point Chapel not just rely on its magnificent view but goes further by combining the beauty of the surrounding with the elegant architecture of the chapel; as a matter of fact Blue Point Chapel is a glass chapel that sum up the comfort and serenity of the chapel and the majesty of the vast blue Indian ocean.


Blue Moon Chapel

Situated on the top of hill in Nusa Dua, the most luxurious tourism area in Bali Blue Moon Chapel is simply a chapel that makes your wedding moment as beautiful as you can imagine. Nestled in the middle of the vast blue pool, this beautiful glass chapel captures the brilliance of the sunrise perfectly to turn your wedding moments into unforgettable moments. As for the sunset, Blue Moon Chapel reflected the beauty of the twilight to enhance the beauty of your wedding ceremony. And for the midday the constant changing clouds and color of the sky are reflected perfectly on the blue pool which surround the chapel is a perfect background for your wedding ceremony. In short Blue Moon Chapel is a perfect venue for your wedding anytime during the day.



Infinity Chapel

As its name suggest, Infinity chapel, stop the time with its beauty and elegant, yes, the time seems to stand still when the bride and groom stand inside Infinity chapel. Floating on a vast blue pool with its towering triangular shape, Infinity Chapel stands majestically overlooking the vast Indian Ocean, a perfect surrounding view for your wedding. But Infinity Chapel offers another excellence to enhance the beauty of your wedding moment, the minimalist architure design of this chapel blends perfectly with its surrounding creating a perfect place to seal the wedding vow in the paradise island of Bali.



Mirage Chapel

Mirage Chapel is truly a place where your wedding fantasy comes true. The Mirage chapel is the only chapel in Bali that put the emphasis on the harmony of the nature and architecture to its design. The Mirage Chapel is situated close to the sea overlooking the blue Indian Ocean, a perfect view to accompany the bride and the groom to tie the knot. The Mirage Chapel combines the gentle sea breeze with its open-air design, creating a dreamy and magical place for your wedding.



Chapel of Love at Ritz Carlton

Set on the towering cliff of Jimbaran Bay, Chapel of Love at Ritz Carlton stands majestically overlooking the vast blue Indian Ocean, providing a perfect place for your unforgettable wedding in the paradise island of Bali. The Chapel of Love at Ritz Carlton is a masterpiece glass art architecture that imbued with beauty and when it combines with the stunning shimmering sunset on the horizon of majestic Indian Ocean no word can describe the beauty of this chapel.

Tirta Luhur Chapel

Tirta Luhur Chapel is an excellent wedding venue that is situated on a top of a spectacular cliff overlooking the vast Indian Ocean. The stunning beauty of the surrounding can be enjoyed through the glass paneled wall of this chapel, instilling the beauty of nature into your wedding moments.



Tirta Uluwatu Chapel

Beauty and tranquility are what Tirta Uluwatu has to offer to enrich your wedding ceremony. Situated on the top of a towering cliff, overlooking the majestic Indian Ocean, Tirta Uluwatu is a wedding venue that exceeds all expectation. Designed exclusively to host the most beautiful weddings, with sunset shining through the glass wall accompanies each step of your wedding ceremony, no wonder that your wedding moment turn to a to a magic moment.

Wiwaha Wedding Chapel

The word “beautiful chapel” is an understatement to describe the beauty of Wiwaha chapel. Located on the top a picturesque cliff overlooking the majestic Indian Ocean scenery, with sweeping 180-degree view of uninterrupted Indian Ocean scenery, Wiwaha chapel is specially designed to capture the beauty of this vast ocean to craft your wedding ceremony into a meaningful, memorable and unparalleled moment. Wiwaha Wedding Chapel is dedicated for intimate wedding ceremonies to celebrate love and exchange marriage vows before an audience of family and friends. Illuminated in natural sunlight, this magnificent split-level glass structure ensures that the couple and guests will enjoy the fantastic blue ocean view during the ceremony right in front of their eyes. An outdoor-grassed terrace near by the chapel is the perfect setting for twilight cocktails or a more formal seated dinner or a standing party.



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