Dear valuable clients,

I took first photograph when I was start travelling back 1982; there was not any DSRL yet. Since then, photography is my world of expressing art of travelling. I use "do-it-yourself" concept of learning photography and read a lot of photography books and magazines. Now since there is Internet, it makes easier to learn as there a lot of resource from Internet. My aim is to make o clients work easier. For direct clients that mean getting you what you want, when you want it.

For corporate accounts I help you serve your individual clients' needs by immediately responding your request and bring you a new range of photography service that would otherwise be difficult and costly to source.

Please read my testimonial at

    Ana Gamba says:
    "I think I Gede Sanat Kumara is a great embassador of the island.He takes beautiful pictures and he knows what to show to people around the world.We were in Bali last february for the first time,and now,we love Bali.Looking at flickr pictures from I Gede Sanat Kumara is a great way to continue "travelling" and knowing more about the island and the beautiful balinese people."

Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

Best Regards

I Gede Sanat Kumara

"My relationship with our clients are based on trust, respect and understanding"



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