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Dear Customer,

At ABL we are totally committed to providing complete customer satisfaction, and we place great emphasis on responding fully and quickly to every enquiry, question, comment and complaint. If at any time you do not receive a reply to your enquiry or complaint, please e-mail direct to the ABL President Director (Yahoo! Messenger).

Our promise to guarantee a speedy reply to your question is supported by our sophisticated VSAT system with around-the-clock access to high-speed bandwidth, monitored by the 30 ABL staff that are employed to look after your concerns.

From the very beginning, we take great care to handle all of your holiday arrangements, always suggesting the most suitable places - according to your requirements - for spending an unforgettable vacation.

So all you have to do is relax and let us look after everything. Our tour guides, travel consultants and drivers are all at your service. If you are looking for a holiday, just a few clicks on your computer keyboard will lead you to the answer at: http://baliwww.com/

ABL's supporting systems are: [top]

  • Around-The-Clock Live Chat

    We provide direct chatting facility for you to straightforwardly communicate with our reservation department. Please select one of ABL's Travel Consultant below to whom you'd like to communicate.
  • Reservation Management System (RMS):
    • Email messaging system (login member needed)
      In order for you to keep track all communication to / from Access Bali Online regarding your reservation, you should use RMS Email Messaging. All the communications will be saved to our database.

    • Retrieve any information in regard to hotel reservation by using member area at: http://baliwww.com/ma/members.

    • Including instant confirmation, cancellation, revise, reconfirm, etc (please refer more to FAQ)
  • Question & Answer
    By using this facility, you can ask questions to us about hotel, our services, your problem during access our site and so on.
  • Direct call in English only
    Please contact:
    +62 81238 31444

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    As a proven high quality travel services provider, ABL proudly presents ABL SMS, a new facility to enhance our services to our end customers. This facility enables our end customers to interactively contact our reservation and support department for more assistant. Where ever you are, you can make a hotel booking, request hotel rate, ask question and so on just by sending a short message to

    +62 8113 891990

  • Whatsapp

    +62 8113 891990

  • Skype


  • Email


    ABL's Travel Consultants at services:

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