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Travel Tips in senggigi

What To Do In Senggigi

If Bali has Kuta, Lombok has Senggigi, white-sand beach which is smaller than Kuta but has the same allure. Although Senggigi is not the place to surf you can still do many things. This relatively remote beach area situated in western coast of Lombok island, presents a nice site to do snorkeling, sunbathing, and other beach activities. Besides, travelers will also have cultural tour or trekking through lush forest in west Lombok.

Scuba Diving
The waves are not so strong enabling the travelers to do scuba diving while relishing fantastic panorama under the water. There are some diving operators in Senggigi just like Blue Marlin Dive and Dive-Zone Lombok.

Spear fishing and Snorkeling
You may experience how to get fish with traditional way while seeing various kinds of reefs and fishes. Sea Kayaking
Explore this beach area with your loved one by kayaking. There is Kayaking Tours offered in Senggigi throughout the southwestern island including Gili Nanggu and Gili Lampu from 1 upto 6 days. Bicycle riding
Some retreat in Senggigi rent bicycle so that the travelers can explore relatively remote Senggigi area with environmentally-friendly way.

Traveling to Batu Bolong
Batu Bolong Temple is a small Hindu Temple set in a stunning spot of the headland overlooking Senggigi Beach. There is no entrance fee but you have to drop IDR 5000 for renting sash. The sunset from this place could be so impressive.

Forest Trekking
A professional local tour guide will invite you to explore forest and hill as well as provide you with local knowledge on personalized trek.

Doing nothing
The main reason why you take a holiday to a tropical island is you need time to unwind. So, donít do a thing. Just sit on the shore and enjoy the leisure. While lying on the sun bed you can also enjoy the refreshing massage offered by local massagers.

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Traveling to Batu Bolong


Sea Kayaking


Scuba Diving


Scuba Diving


Spear fishing and Snorkeling



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Where To Eat Iin Senggigi
Senggigi, a small beach area in Lombok Island presents not only a suitable place to do water sports. This most happening tourist area in Lombok has various places to eat offering wide-ranging menu from Indonesian cuisines to International favorites. Here is the list of the best restaurants in Senggigi giving you yummy food as well as beautiful setting.

Taman Restaurant-Senggigi


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