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Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan
Sayan Ubud Bali 80571
  • Live Like a Local. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan lets guests experience a day in the life of a Balinese farmer. Jun 5, 2009
  • Live Like a Local. Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan lets guests experience a day in the life of a Balinese farmer.

    Nestled among rice fields along the sacred Ayung River, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan gives guests a glimpse into the values that run through this agricultural society.

    The day begins with a morning trek through the Ayung River valley. With the help of an experienced guide, guests will traverse picturesque terraced rice fields and jungle paths leading to the banks of the fast-flowing river. Along the way, they’ll witness the bucolic activities of the local farmers and learn about the complex irrigation system, called subak, used in the rice paddy fields. After working up an appetite on the trek, breakfast will be served in a private bale, surrounded by the vivid green rice plantings and mirror-like watery surfaces of the terraces.

    After breakfast and a demonstration, guests yearning for a taste of the traditional lifestyle of the Balinese will have the opportunity to plant rice seeds. The lives of rural Balinese are dependent on this staple crop, and the farmers who tend it are viewed as artists who sculpt the rice terraces. In Bali, the ability to care for the fields is viewed as a gift.

    Following a refreshment break of young coconuts, it’s time to relax sore muscles and scrub away the dirt of a hard day’s labour in the fields with a river stone bathing ritual called batukali. Bathing in the river is both an age-old ritual and a social event for the Balinese. Over the melodious rhythm of the swift-flowing water, villagers share laughter, songs, gossip and stories. The treatment includes an application of fresh herbal blends on the hair and scalp, an invigorating river stone scrub to revive the skin and a soothing Balinese massage – complete with fragrant coconut oil and freshly grated ginger paste to warm and relax the body.

    The day’s adventures end with a traditional tiffin box lunch of nasi campur, meaning “mixed rice” – an Indonesian dish of red rice topped with vegetables, meat or fish and other toppings, which may include eggs, tofu or fried soybean cakes known as tempe. Nasi campur is typical of the everyday Balinese meal that a farmer’s wife might prepare and share with her husband in a small shelter, known as a pondok, in the rice fields. At Four Seasons, the meal will be enjoyed in a private bale along the river and will include a memento photograph from the day and the nasi campur recipe to enjoy at home.

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