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Barong and Keris Dance with Shoping Tour

The barong, mystical dragon-like creature, is portrayed by two dancers wearing a huge sway-backed body with trailing hair and a curved tail. He is a symbol of good, associated with the right and white magical powers. His counterpart is Rangda, an evil panged which with long fingernails, pendulous breasts and a long flaming tongue. She is queen of evil spirits and rules the graveyards and the darkest night, specializing in black magic and evil. The Barong and The Rangda are parts of an eternal pantomime that represents the conflict between good and evil, and the symbolic play they enact is part of a purification ceremony that is designed to restore the equilibrium of these two forces, a means of strengthening the spiritual resistance of the village; maintaining the good health, physical and spiritual, of the community.

Start time
The performance itself will be held in Batubulan village. If you hotel ocation is in Nusadua, we will pick you up at 08.00 am; Kuta, Kerobokan and Sanur at 08.45 am; Ubud at 08.30 am.

Your journey
Picking up you at your hotel, our guide will take to Batubulan through Denpasar or Sanur if your hotel location is in Nusadua. You will through Sanur to reach Batubulan.

The Story
The original story of this dance is derived from a legend, namely Calonarang, from the age of Airlangga King in the Daha Kingdom located in East Java years ago. The point of the story is as follow.

There was a widow called Diah Rateng Dirah who had a daughter entitled Ratna Mangali. Ratna is a pretty woman in the kingdom. She is beautiful and tender. But no man in the kingdom showed his attention to her because of the scared of her mother's black magic. Ratna Mangali herself had a high obsession. She wanted to be a queen of the Daha Kingdom by marrying the son of the king. She falled in love so much with the son of the king. But the son of the king himself had falled in love with the queen of Kediri, a daughter of the king from his neighbour kingdom.

Ratna Mengali told her obsession to her mother. Her mother agreed. She decided to go to the palace and beg to the king to allow his son to be husband of her daughter. The king refused because of the relationship of his son to the queen of his neighbour kingdom and fear of the wicth of Diah Rateng Dirah. This made Diah Rateng Dirah so angry. She backed home with a revange. She decided to punish the king by making many desperate to his people. With her black magic power she killed many people in the kingdom. The king sent his soldiers to punish her. But she killed all the soldiers, and killed many other people. He called all powerful people to help him, but none of them could defeat Diah Rateng Dirah.

This made the king very sad. Then someone told him to have a suggestion from Mpu Baradah, a holy man at his neighbour kindom. Mpu Beradah sent his son, Bahula, to help the king.

There was a big battle between Bahula and Diah Rateng Dirah. She could defeat him at last. But this could make Bahula died. Bahula remember an important message of his father, Mpu Baradah. If he could not defeat the devil by his own hand he should pray to the God for help.

Then, Bahula pray to the Wisnu, the Goddess of Maintanance in Hindu religion. The Wisnu who always protects the world from evil was willing to help Bahula. Wisnu also gave a holy flower and some 'powerful word' to Bahula in order to protect himself from devil. Then the battle began. The battle happened in the Setra Gandamayu cemetery, the biggest cemetery in the kingdom. This time Bahula was assissted by many people. Diah Rateng Dirah herself assissted by her pupils and her daughter. Bahula killed all her pupils and made her daughter powerless. In such condition Diah Rateng Dirah used all her power to against Bahula. Then the peak of the battle was coming. Diah Rateng Dirah manipulated herself to be Rangda, the highest level of power in the world of devil. Bahula strunggled his best to against Rangda, but he defeated. All his followers were in trance because the influence of Rangda. All his followers want to kill their own selves by Keris. At the critical situation, Bahula pray to Wisnu again for help. That was the time when Wisnu sent the Barong to help Bahula. The Barong was coming and brought a holy water to medecine Bahula and his followers.

The battle between the Barong and the Rangda took many times. At last the Barong could defeat Rangda. Before being died, Rangda or Diah Rateng Dirah asked to be released from her curse and purified. She knew the Barong is Wisnu Himself. He could make anything holy without any sin. The Barong did it. And the Rangda went to paradise, not hell.

This story also become the beginning of celebrating Galungan and Kuningan Days. From the time people on the kingdom celebrate Galungan and Kuningan as a symbol of the glory of good under evil.

When the moslem religion penetrated this area years ago, some of its people moved to Bali and brought and maintenanced their tradition until today.

You will see the story in the performance completely. The story may change in some parts, but the point is the same. And don't ever think of the Barong in the performance you see is the Goddess of Wisnu, except you the Barong dance in a holy temple.

Completing your tour
After the performance finished, our guide will take you to some art shops for getting some souvenirs back to your hotel. Otherwise you have another schedule to be done.

Fare Includes

  • Air Conditioned Transport
  • English speaking guide or as required
  • Entrance ticket to see the dance show
  • Minimum Departure is 2 persons
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    Barong & Kris Dance


    Barong & Kris Dance


    Barong & Kris Dance


    Barong & Kris Dance


    Barong & Kris Dance


    Barong & Kris Dance

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