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Travel Tips in yogyakarta

Where To Dine In Yogyakarta

Due to Yogyakarta is a well-known student city it attracts people from all over the country and even from abroad. This facts result in multi-variety food choices, from surprisingly cheap hygienic foods until high-end choices for the spoilt international travelers. Definitely need not to be worried about eateries in this Indonesian privileged province.

Low-End (IDR 10.000-IDR 60.000 per person)

Warung Gubug
Indonesia dishes from all over the country. Worth to try is Coto Makasar. It is centrally located and is designed in modest flair. Corner of Jl. Prof.Ir.Yohanes/Jl. Colombo

Steak Obonk
Well-known because of the famous ribs. Simple atmosphere, fast service, and pretty low-priced.

Famous hang out place with free hot spot, friendly atmosphere, wide choice from local to western fare. Jl. Gejayan

The first restaurant in what is today already an Java wide covering chain. Very Javanese atmosphere, famous because of their Ayam Goreng (fried chicken) and Ayam Bakar (roast chicken). JL. Magelang just 6km north of northern ring road.

High-End (IDR 60.000 IDR 250.000 per person)

Gajah Wong
Operated by Indonesian-Dutch couple this very cozy restaurant belongs to the absolute top in Yogyakarta. It is absolutely not too tiring to spend a few hours in a very wide atmosphere with good food and extensive selection of wines and live music. Specializes in Indian, Indonesian, Italian dishes. Jl.Gejayan just 100 meters south of the junction with northern ring road.

Rumah Mertua
Located in the middle of rice field, this unique restaurant offers rijstafel which you can't find anywhere else in Jogja. For just under IDR 100.000 per person you can pick and eat from more than 20 different dishes and incredible cocktails. If you are too tired to drive back, Rumah Mertua offers 12 very complete hotel rooms. Jl. Palagan just behind Hotel Hyatt.

Sagan Resto
Specializes in all kinds of fresh fish & sea food: lobster available. Prepared to your own choice. A must-see for the Yogyakarta upper crowds. Jl.Colombo

Cafe Via-Via
Traveler cafe located in Prawirotaman area, famous amongst the local expats and frequent visitors to Jogja. Owned by a Belgian, who was stranded here 20 years ago as backpacker. He now owns some 20 Via-Via traveler cafes in all strange corners of the world like Kathmandu, Zimbabwe, Mumbay, etc. Try the Belgian Coq-Oau-Vent or the special of the day listed on the white board. International magazine and newspaper are plenty available. Jl. Prawirotaman

Omah Duwur
The breathtaking place, amazingly decorated with pure silver embellishment. From the neighboring Kota Gede area. Serves European & Indonesian foods at high-end level though still at affordable prices.

Kemangi Bistro@Hyatt
If you want to enjoy a lazy Sunday what is better than enjoy a famous Sunday brunch at Hyatt. From 12.00-04.00 pm, for reasonable all in you can eat as much as you want while enjoying life music. Special meat import food south American, mouthwatering salads, wide variety of dsserts & fruits: name it, and they serve it.

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