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Travel Tips in singaraja

Where To Go In Singaraja

Singaraja or ‘Lion King’ is the northernmost town in Bali; an ex-Dutch colonial town. Singaraja which is the capital city of Buleleng province offers quiet traffic on the road and traditional architectures. It is very different to south area of Bali which is always busy, crowded, and vibrant. The town of Singaraja is perhaps not really interesting for tourism. One way to enjoy Singaraja is doing excursion to the majestic temples and museums as well. However, other tourist destinations near the town can be reached easily.

Gedong Kirtya
Standing on Jl. Veteran no 20 within the complex of Sasana Budaya , Gedong Kirtya is the library and museum preserving the ancient ‘lontar’ manuscript relate to the practice of traditional herbal, medicines, magic, rules, fables. This building also contains some bronze inscription plates dating from 10th century. This museum is founded by Mr. Liefrick and Dr. H.N. Van der Tuuk in 1928. Both of them are intellectuals from Holland who are interested in Balinese culture.

Yudha Mandalatama Independence Monument
The center of Singaraja has some dramatic monuments commemorating the struggle against the Dutch. The finest example of it is Yudha Mandalatama Independence Monument situated on the waterfront. Transport your imagination back to the colonial era where Singaraja was the most prominent sea port on that time by visiting this monument located on Jl. Erlangga.

Air Sanih
This destination set 15 km east of Singaraja on the coast road is the cool sea shore attraction since 1930. This black sand beach’s main attraction is natural swimming pool of fresh water. Locals believe the water comes from Batur lake and there is a temple dedicated to Lord Visnu. At 500 meters out there is snorkeling site. With the tranquil surroundings, freshwater springs bubbles up near the beach.

Gitgit Waterfall
Gigit Waterfalls is located on Gitgit Village (10km south Singaraja on the main road to Bedugul). When driving the car from SIngaraja to bedugul you wouldn’t miss the sign and car park. Very refreshing Gitgit Waterfall has three separate waterfalls.

Pura Maduwe Karang The most impressive temple on the north Bali situated on Kubutambahan village, about 10 km east of Singaraja on the coast road. With great relief, Pura Maduwe Karang is devoted to deities’ agricultural matters

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