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Travel Tips in denpasar

Where To Eat In Denpasar

You will have very long list of places to eat in Denpasar, capital city of Bali. In this populous area, restaurants grow like mushroom in the rainy season. Even these restaurants cater every need and taste of the clientele. However, if you have short period stay in Denpasar make sure these restaurants below are on your top list. They will not be like classy restaurants at Seminyak or Kuta but taste is good at more affordable price. Here are 5 dining spots in Denpasar judged by its unique things.

Desa Dusun
This homey restaurant is standing on 1 hectare green tropical garden hidden in small road of jalan Noja Ayung, eastern part of Denpasar. The Balinese gate is small but it will connect you to a restaurant occupying the sloping land of Ayung River. On the high level, the tables are set more luxury dedicated to a family or formal dinner with important colleague. Meanwhile on the lower level close to the river, comfortable gazebos are available for youngsters or for other informal dinner. The dish ranging from Indonesian cuisine (fried rice, grilled chicken, grilled fish) to semi western one (steak) is not so brilliant but it is still good with reasonable price. This restaurant opens in the afternoon start from 17.00.

Bali Bakery
Actually Bali Bakery has opened the branch at Kuta but if you stay at jalan Hayam Wuruk (near Sanur) Bali Bakery is there. At this elegant classic restaurant you will be served with fresh dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner. The cakes and pastries are exceptionally mouthwatering while for lunch and dinner this restaurant serves Asian to Western cuisine selection at good price. The interior design is arguably a well blend between luxury and comfort.

Bendega, Balinese for fisherman, is renowned for its al fresco dining experience and its appetizing Balinese seafood dishes. The interior design ornamented with grasses and fish ponds represents Renon area a long time ago in which Renon was filled with green rice paddies. Bendega is stylishly clean. In terms of the dishes, its crispy duck and grilled fish get two thumbs up! Highlighting on the grilled fish, Bendega use padi-padi fish which has best texture than any other fishes and it is served with fish soup and plecing (tasty water spinach). Yummy! Even Indonesian artist love to have lunch or dinner here when they come to Bali. No need to go to Jimbaran to experience Balinese grilled fish since Bendega situated in the heart of Denpasar serves it.

Feyloon Restaurant
Feyloon has recently opened its branch in Renon area providing a wide range of delighting authentic Chinese Hongkong cuisine. Feyloon serves a various selection of seafood, dim sum, barbeque, steamboat, rice and noodles, and Cantonese porridge. This restaurant is designed with red domination, a typical Chinese interior design, with fancy atmosphere. There is also a bar and multi-functioning stage in the ground level and VIP spot in the upper level.

Kreneng Night Market
Kreneng refers to area in the center of Denpasar filled with an array of schools and a big traditional market named Pasar Kreneng. In the morning the sellers flocked the building to sell daily needs. When the sun comes down, the vendors start to set their tents on the parking area. They sell various things from very low-priced outfit to Indonesian dishes. Fried Rice, Suckling Pig, Gado-Gado, any Indonesian and Balinese dishes are there that will cost you less than IDR 10.000 per portion.

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Bali Bakery


Bali Bakery


Menu at Bendega Restaurant


Feyloon Restaurant


Feyloon Restaurant

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Where to go in Denpasar
Denpasar, the capital of Bali offers many interesting places to visit. If you want to visit temples in Denpasar, you have to bring a sarong and sash with you since the temples in Denpasar are not visited quite often by the tourists so there is no temple dress available to be hired there. Here are some interesting places you can visit in Denpasar.

Located at the center of Denpasar city, Bali Museum..


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