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Travel Tips in amed

What To Do in Amed

Amed, situated on the eastern area of Bali, will give you the different sensation in spending Bali holiday from the chaos southern area. Amed refers to a long stretch beach embracing 7 villages which is still quiet. Don’t expect any night life there. Although there are some cafes providing cocktails till late but actually the life in Amed ends at 9.00. If you have ‘shopping’ in your list to do in Amed just forget it. Amed is a destination where you can enjoy the culture and the tranquility. So if there are some points regarding what to do in Amed, here is the best.

Doing Water sports
Diving and snorkeling are popular activities that you should do in Amed. Marine life in Amed provides vibrant atmosphere: healthy coral reef and beautiful sea creatures. There are several dive resort or dive centers who can help you at your first time diving or snorkeling. The best spot for snorkeling is Japanese Shipwreck in banyuning, Bunutan, Jemeluk, and many others. In order to see healthy coral and fishes try to contact Adventures Divers Bali, Amed Dive Center, Amed Scuba, and others for professional guidance. Volcanic sand beaches in Amed are not popular for sunbath and surfing.

Cycling is interesting activity to do in Amed. You can go cycling along the village, relishing fresh air in a tranquil area which is hardly to be found in southern area of Bali.

Amed is situated between Mount Seraya and Mount Agung. For this reason, hiking is very possible to do. Mount AGung is the highest mount in Bali. For the hiking lovers this is a great way to find some challenges.

Seeing Salt Production
In Amed it is very possible to see how to make sea salt. Even Café Garam/Hotel Uyah created a large area so you can learn A to Z the production of sea salt. Along the road you can also buy the original sea salt.

Escaping To Tirta Gangga
Tirta Gangga is a royal complex where the royal family of Karangsem purified themselves by immersing in one of the springs there. Along the way to get to this destination, you will be treated by breathtaking view of emerald rice field.

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Amed; Dive & Snorkling Paradise


Amed Coral Beach


Mount Agung


Tirta Gangga


Tirta Gangga

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Where To Eat in Amed
Amed, for some people is new tourism destination, surely less popular than Kuta yet offers perfectly serene place to relax. It has small number of cafes but surprisingly long array of restaurant. Without ignoring the hygiene of the food, these restaurants serve from inexpensive delectable Balinese food to International ones.

Bayu Restaurant
Like most of Amed restaurants, Bayu restaurants..

Amed Restaurant


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