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Bali Diving Location : Tulamben

The Tulamben Bay, a three-quarters of a kilometer, is a rich area. The smooth blue surface of water in this bay arises a romantic sense of us. In other time you may see other views when the sunrise is coming and light the land around, the sea and any boats in the bay. Tulamben is probably best loved, diving area in Bali, and its cobbled beach and black -sand bottom have become familiar to the international diving community. It is the kind of place divers visit for a week or more, exploring the wreck, inshore reef, drop-off and slope.

With the recent addition of the reef of the drop-off, several of which are excellent, Tulamben is now becoming something like a diving region, with a very diverse group of sites just a short walk or boat ride from the many resorts.

Tulamben Bay

The Tulamben Bay is a magical for its quiet, beauty, exotic, rich and as if it is determined by the God to show all the creature of the sea underwater. Tulamben, as if, has everything you have ever imagine of finding out in the sea underwater.
The Liberty Wreck is the favorite dive for most divers in this area, especially for beginners.

The wreck and the area around it are very interesting. Off the bow of the wreck is a steep sand slope carved out by the current sweeping around the wreck. The cover is a patchy reef of sponges, small clumps of whip corals and black corals, and small coral colonies. It is a surprisingly rich area, and worth exploring up close for small commensals. The deep area behind the wreck is similar, and also worth exploring. Seaward of the wreck, in forty meters or more, is where mola-mola and other pelagic fish are sometimes seen.

bali tulamben diving map

Batu Kelebit

The basic structure of Batu Kelebit consists of three coral-covered ridges that fan out from the eponymous rocks. Between the ridges are sand channels, and the sand is bright white. The bathymetry is one of the best things about this site. The ridges are steep enough to protect the two channels from both sides, making the inside diveable regardless of the current. And their approximately radiating structure makes it almost impossible to get lost here. The ridges are covered with an extremely diverse growth of hard corals, sponges, gorgonians, black corals and every other encrusting animals it is possible to encounter. Since Batu Kelebit receives deep, offshore water, clarity is generally good, and temperatures are a bit cold. Actually, visibility would be excellent, except that there is almost always planktons in the water, which of course is why the site is so rich. The level od species variety at this site is high. Just be careful at the depth of fifteen to twenty meters at this site, because most big animal such as pelagics like staying at the depth.