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Bali Diving Location : Sanur/Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua Diving Site Location is built as an extension of Tanjung Benoa's reefs. The reef is scratched out from the north to south, following the beach line of Nusa Dua resorts. The shallow hard coral reef that lines Cafe Benoa, because of the disturbances to the north, has been getting worse and worse. This is the only area in the south that is regularly dived (because of the proximity of the Nusa Dua resorts) and it had once been a quite healthy reef, though never as rich as the offshore or northern sites. It is now quite marginal, a sparse hard coral slope covered in a thin layer of silt. Because of the disturb harbor, flood tide completely destroys the visibility at the northern sites.

The modest reef's proximity to the luxury hotels of Nusa Dua is the best thing going for it. Though it's not the place to find molas, sharks, or great schools of fish, you can have an apresdive lunch prepared by a three star chef and accompanied by a fine old Burgundy. Often used as a location for teaching diving because of it's close proximity to the tourist areas, there are some interesting coral formations, sponges and plentiful colorful fish on the reef at Sanur.