Brilliant stay, brilliant brilliant brilliant

Reviewed June 17, 2011 1 person found this review helpful

I concur with the previous review, some of these reviews are so out of touch with Bali, I am wondering why they went there! There are ants, frogs (that make noise), cicadas (pronounced chichadas in Bali), nightclubs, bikes, cars and guess what, they speak Indonesian! So they eat Indonesian food too.

Okay, enough cynicism! Firstly, we were welcomed by Claire, the manager I believe, not owner, who does not need to work but does because she loves it there. She went out of her way to get to know us at happy hour, and every other guest. We made friends with a lot of the other guests, so it is definitely not your usual style villa where you disappear into your villa and don't mix. You can if you want to, but the folk this place attracts are usually down to earth, lovely people. There were no noisy Aussies or rude people, just wonderful. We will keep in touch with many of those we met and went out a few times with some of them.

The staff are gorgeous. There is one lass who has the capacity of a 12 year old, whom Claire has given a job too. She is a lovely shy girl and it is just like Claire to give someone a chance. The staff mostly speak fluent English. Just take the time to smile and chat, they welcome every guest.

The food is great, try nasi goreng for brekky (in your room price). You get an egg on top, rice and rice cracker. We would walk in the morning and have brekky around 10ish, yum! It's hotel food but better quality than many around. But if you want 5 star, go out of the villa. You do need to walk up a lane, staff will lend you a torch if you are nervous, but it's not very far. We cut through the Haven to Legian Street, a really nice quick walk (not sure if I should be sharing that hehe!)

The nightclub closed down one night we were there, so if you read about this in prior reviews, it is no longer a problem. There may be slight noise to midnight from other places, but apart from the disco, I didn't hear anything.

Bali in general is going through a massive refurb/building stage, so whereever you stay, you may encounter this. My advice is you ask before you go, as I can't vouch for noise of any local building. This is Bali, it's exploding. There is quite a bit in Double 6 right now, but please don't stay and then complain. Ask first about your room location to any potential noise. This goes for anywhere you stay, not just here BTW!

All in all, a wonderful wonderful stay. Thanks to Claire and the team, we will be back!

Angus and co.

Room Tip: Villa with pool excellent