thumbs up!!!

It was my first time to visit Indonesia . Arrived 8 pm last night and when I boarded the limo, I was told that it would only take an hour to get here. What happened was it took me close to three hours to get to my hotel! The long travel wore me down and as I entered the hotel 11:00 pm, I was ushered into the hotel by friendly smiles of the staff!! I was brought to my room. My room had generous space, very clean , large nice bed and complete with amenities that you expect big hotels to have. I looked out my window, had the view of the well lit pool. Ordered some room service, and after a few minutes , my order came and was again greeted by friendly staff! This was just my first night in Jakarta and i m loving it already!!Its too bad that my stay here is just a short one. I would love to bring my family here sometime .I m sure I ll leave this hotel and Jakarta with good memories eventhough it was for a short short time! Kudos to the staff of the hotel for making my stay enjoyable and hassle free!