Forty minutes and a world away from the beach resorts of Bali, and just five kilometers from the cultural capital of Ubud is the seemingly unremarkable village of Kedewatan. Yet step a hundred metres from the village street and your senses are suddenly jolted by one of the most dramatic sights on earth. A thin spiced of jungle opens out onto the vastness of the Ayung Valley. Here, perched high on the valley wall, is Villa Indah. Villa Indah has little in common with conventional hotel accommodation. Rather than being simply a place to stay, it is often the highlight of a holiday in Bali. Despite the many attractions of the surrounding region, many of our guests seldom leave the comfort of their spacious apartment.

Each of the six apartments occupies a full floor of a two storeyed villa sited among informal gardens of frangipanis, orchids and a profusion of tropical blooms.