Authentic and great Torajan hospitality

Reviewed July 7, 2011

This hotel has beautiful gardens and grounds. There are some traditional Torajan houses in the courtyard, and a pool. People who work here are very friendly and as helpful as they can be, given some things beyond their control. There is no soundproofing in the rooms, so any and all noise in the hotel must be 'enjoyed' by all. On a quiet night/ morning, this means that the peaceful jungle/ garden noises are pleasant; if there is a big group here, prepare to be up with them. No A/C, but it's not needed, as the climate is lovely. Meals are fine - again, service is always spectacular. When I was there the one computer available for internet worked for about 1/2 the time. As I had a long stay and limited contact with family and friends, this was a bummer. I don't think this is a priority at the hotel, as it was down for 6+ days. I really like that this hotel is locally owned and so integrated into the life of this community. Tourists used to modern conveniences will be challenged here. Staff and service are fantastic, however, which can also be important.