artsy, unique, loved it!

Reviewed August 5, 2012 this was one of the most unique and lovely places we've stayed. my husband and I stayed there during our 2 week trip to Bali for our honeymoon. we stayed in a few other places (all were very different - one was sofitel in seminyak - nice in its own way and conrad hotel - which is massive and over the top; not really for us).

our room was amazingly decorated and very artsy. we had a charming balcony which was relaxing to go out and read - with a lovely view of our small pool. we walked around the resort and hung out a lot overlooking the breathtaking rice terraces. i also took advantage of their 'spa' - which is not really a spa per se as it is very very small only for one person (as I recall) but it was a nice experience nevertheless.

the staff were very friendly and helpful and while we had to take a cab everytime we wanted to go out to the main tourist area - we appreciated being off the beaten path as the main area can get a bit too touristy (at least for us).

if you like the big, chain-type, over the top resort places you probably wont like this place at it may seem too quiet...