100% Ranked #2 of 3 hotels in Pecatu

I was a bit skeptic at first seeing only excellent ratings of this hotel but its very good

Reviewed June 15, 2013

This Hotel is very nice and choosing this hotel for the beginning of my trip in Bali I think I'm a bit spoiled now because no hotel i took can compete with it price/quality wise, i think the hotel is normally a bit busier though because its popular among surfers but its was not really the surf season yet.

The room I had was in a block with 4 rooms together (2 levels and 2 rooms each level) they have a few of those blocks next to each other and I was the only one in the whole block so I cant really say anything about sound proofing because there where no neighbors.

You can hear some dogs at night and some roosters (I think they forgot the sunrise memo here in Bali because they make noise all day and sometimes trough the night as well), its far away though so its not that annoying.

The place itself is very well maintained the staff is very friendly but be aware if you come after 12:00 at night it can be empty at the reception and you end up knocking on random persons doors to find the owner. The breakfast is very basic and internet had some problems but is fixed now :)