post moterm analysis of this hotel-Bravo!

Reviewed October 30, 2012

Upon my late arrival, my room was ready for me and being a diamond elite member, I was told that there's no best available room but the hotel promised to let me have the best room available for my remaining stay of total four days. My superior room is quite a decent size even for two people but surely there's no place for two luggage plus hand carry bags and laptop case. I am staying alone and hence I find the room space is quite comfortable.
Internet wifi connection is quite good for checking emails and I see there are as many as 6 or 7 wifi router ports on each side of the floor or 14 ports for the entire floor. Kudos for such kind consideration to ensure the good connectivity for the interactive travelers.
Met up with the FOM to voice the leakage in the bathroom and I got a chance to be upgraded to a suite the next day. The suite and deluxe rooms are at the back row of the hotel and it is away from the noisy pool area with screaming kids or loud lounge music.
For being a frequent hotel accommodater for premium brands, I find this hotel very welcoming in its software and comfortable in its hardware. I was not able to find the best employee throughout my visit as everyone I came in contact with was genuinely trying its best to converse in English and executing their own empowerment to attend my need. No question is too small to attend and every reasonable problem is also consider like their own problem.
This hotel has the best team work and should serve as a shining example for all the Best Western brands in Indonesia.
Location wise, I am sure all of you can read from other reviewer but let me add one plus point. Must also try the Indonesia warung which is just 10 meters from the hotel with authentic Indonesian food. Not all are spicy.
Very much looking forward to this hotel if I ever come back to Kuta Bali.