Perfect for nature lovers

Reviewed March 4, 2012

If your dream holiday is dancing the night away in the bars of Kuta this might be the wrong place for you. It's very isolated and it's a bit of a hassle to get to the mainland, so you are really stuck with the restaurant/bar in the resort. Fortunately the food is good, although there isn't much choice and it's a simple, fresh and unfussy cooking, in keeping with the spirit of this retreat on the edge of a National Park. So if you fancy a burger you'll need to take a 20 minute boat ride. The resort is trying to make as little impact on the surroundings as possible so there is no 'landscaping' (I'm sure no plants foreign to the National Park are allowed) and it's practically invisible from the boat, although it's located right on the beach. The only mechanical noise you'll hear is the hotel boat which arrives and departs twice daily. The huge plusses for us were: beautiful surroundings very polite and professional waiting staff snorkelling right off the jetty - good variety of fish although the coral is degraded snorkelling in Menjangan island- the best in Bali But the best and most delightful feature of this resort were wild animals, which just wandered in and around freely. Some were more tame than others- the deer came within a 2 meter distance or us, the black monkeys and wild pigs and piglets were more flighty, but you could still get a good look. We might have been particularly lucky, late September (the end of dry season) is supposedly the best time for spotting animals. It was a real delight to sit by the pool sipping cocktails and watch all this wildlife come by, like on some sort of poolside safari. There are some minuses: as mentioned in previous reviews the resort needs renovation (I understand the management already has plans for this). The poolside /beach towels could do with some quality control. I was given a towel which clearly had been used and some are showing serious wear and tear. There were definitely no mice or rats in our room, but our fruit basket got nibbled by ants. The room was cleaned very well, though the mosquito net and bed cover should have been changed before our arrival. In September mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies are not a problem, so we were lucky in this respect too. The beach is made of broken shells and bits of dead coral so you can't walk barefoot. Tip: for breakfast if you ask for orange juice you'll get squash, all the other juices are freshly squeezed. Despite of the above niggles we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would love to come back!