Reviewed April 10, 2012

The villa we originally booked and confirmed has to undergo a major renovation so they booked us up at Eden Villa 2 days prior to our arrival. We were hesistant at first since we knew nothing of this villa but our spirits were high and just went with it. It turns out the biggest and most amazing thing. We were greeted with 2 vans at the airport as we were all arriving at different times and checking in at the villa was a breeze. Villa is nothing short of gorgeous but maybe be needing a fresh coat of paint, though the walls came out really white in all our photos! There were 2 gorgeous massive fit for a king rooms upstairs draped with dramatic white curtains all over, and 1 with 2 single beds on main floor. We were floored, obviously. Massive beds, we love! The only thing i think they can improve on the sleep factor is to have duvet (but that's just me...the rest didn't have an issue with the thin blankets). The grand living room had this open concept - as most villas in Bali. This was the room that we used the most - basically our party central. Everything you could ask for in a villa in Bali - sick sound system (oh yeah, we docked them bloody iPhones with fat tunes all night long!), very very spacious with plenty of place to dance (on the floor, top of tables, everywhere!). Basically it ticked all the important boxes. The true gem of this place however is the staff. Our villa comes with a full staff and chef. He cooked our breakfast and lunch (with plenty of leftovers for wee hours in the morning after a night of alcohol binge-ing) and we could ask anything we want to. The food was super delicious, abundant and nothing short of a feast on every single meal. The wait staff were super attentive and we all felt like rock star. We love! Villa's in Bali is a dime and a dozen and it caters to all kinds of budget. After having been to a few - i say the service is super essential just as much as that sick pool that you'll be lounging at. We are very happy that Eden handed us all the things we could as for in a villa. We are planning another trip soon as yeah, it will be again in Eden, our little paradise in Seminyak. We are group of 5 in 3 bedroom villa. it could easily fit 6-8 people comfortably if you want to.