Harris Riverview, unexpectedly loved it!

Reviewed May 9, 2012

We booked Harris riverview even though reviews had said it was in the middle of nowhere, however for us it wasnt such a big deal!! The hotel is about a 25min stroll to the main entrance of kuta beach. theres shops/mini marts on the way so we were always entertained although be careful because i semi got bumped into by a cyclist! the traffic can get quite crazy! most of the time we caught a cab which costed peanuts. the hotel is also about 5min drive from the strip of clubs in Legian which was ridiculously convenient in a cab! There is a harris hotel on kuta beach, like literally on the strip of kuta.. for some reason it wasnt on the booking sites but if location is important then go for that! the hotel staff at riverview are absolutely amazing, always happy, super friendly and very helpful! the hotel reception smells of oranges, its walls are orange like oranges, the staff wear orange clothes and some of the females even wear orange nail varnish and they even hand u orange juice as u walk in haha! it sounds strange but it really does create a happy happy atmosphere. there were alot of families there when we were there and the kids loved it, it is very child orientated. as we walked into the room there was a weird odour, it jus didnt smell lived in. after a while and with the help of spraying deodorant everywhere the smell was gone. the actual apartment (2 bedroom) was really nice - clean and livable with a small balcony. we had a view of the river which is kind of a dirty canal? they have 4 swimming pools and the sun tan you get lounging around them is intense. the sun gets so strong! stronger than when we were on actual beaches! if your a group of friends or a family who just want accomodation which is cheap and clean without frills such as an amazing spa, beautiful views then this is the place for you! ps. BALI IS AMAZING, IM JEALOUS OF ANYONE VISITING THERE SOON