Peace & Tranquillity

Reviewed February 25, 2012 1 person found this review helpful I have been hoping to review this wonderful place since we returned in early October but it was nowhere to be found and I gave up - I kept emailing the address on the leaflet I brought away but it bounced back everytime. Another TA'ee has just asked me where we stayed as I had referred to it in another review so I searched again and up it popped - there is now a web site (different email address!) as well as one previous TA review - I am so pleased.

We stayed in Amed for 8 days late Sep early Oct 2011. We had booked and prepaid for 7 nights in another place in Lipah but that was the wrong side of (at times) a busy road and after 6 nights we decamped to the BBB Cottages. It was bliss - quiet, beachfront, the infinity pool right by the ocean and a really good restaurant with a proper chef producing excellent dishes.

The staff were a contrast to the professional 'team ' at the original place - these were gentle people in a quiet gentle place - very much how I expected the Balinese to be. Every morning a lady put a small Hindu presentation of foliage with incense burning at the path entrance to the chalet type rooms - whether or not they were occupied.

There were only four rooms but plenty of space for more. The garden is carefully tended but I guess before long that some of it will give way to more accomodation.

Snorkelling has always been number one on our tick list and the whole Amed coast has a good reputation but Lipah seemed the best reviewed. There were many different colourful fish species and corals but we were not very lucky in the way of other sealife but did see an amazing electric turquoise star fish. Baby corals were growing very close to the shore which is a good sign - in some places all the near-to-shore coral is dead or dying but not Lipah. We took our own gear but you can hire equipment on the beach.

Had some really good massages but the area seems to have strong demarcation lines and the girl from the first place could not come to me in the second!

Unfortunately we only had two days and nights to enjoy this place - had we realised earlier how much happier we would be there we would certainly have 'bitten the bullet' on the prepaid accomodation and moved - having travelled over 7000 miles to find belatedly exactly what we wanted it would have been foolish not to!

Prior to moving accomodation Bali had gone on the 'been there done that list' but now we will certainly return some day to Amed and Bali Bhuana Beach Cottages.

Stayed September 2011, traveled as a couple