It Really is Like a Dream

Reviewed April 4, 2012

My wife and I stayed for 10 days in July, then another 17 days in August with our daughter and her guest. Needless to say: we loved it. Walking into the restaurant/bar/reception area and looking out over the ocean is a view I will not forget. That was the WOW factor! The 'huts' are pretty basic, none with hot water...unless you take a shower mid-afternoon while the water pipes are 'solar heated'. The staff are very friendly; being there for almost a month, we felt like part of the scene. It was a wonderful vibe. The food was great, not an extensive menu, we ate there every-other night, opting for another restaurant within walking distance. The view was the best, the beach, especially at high tide with a full moon is exciting. The surf was loud and big, great time to be in the water. We enjoyed walking around the island, very friendly people, especially the kids; I never tired joking with them about football. The 'huts' are away from the main area of the island, so for now there are no other hotels /motels/etc nearby, but with lots of open space it is prolly a short matter of time before this changes.