Fabulous small resort for relaxing

Reviewed January 9, 2012

Four of us stayed here in a double and twin room that are part of the same stand alone building for two nights in August. We had a fabulous time and hardly left the resort because it was so relaxing. Our rooms were spotless and tastefully decorated. The best part by far is the outdoor seating area with ocean view. I would like to have the lighting stronger out there so that I could keep reading once the sun went down but this wasn't a big deal. Breakfast options are very good and I think the kitchen's strongest suit. We had all of our meals except for one at the resort. Meals in the restaurant are good, not great, but satisfying enough. There are vegetarian and kid options. I think the menu prices are a bit high all things considered. I would probably eat out more if I stayed there again. The owners have two resident ducks waddling around, including in the swimming pool, but they are not an issue and in fact quite fun to see. Pool area is one of the great selling points of this hotel as it is an infinity pool looking out to the ocean (and some power lines but that can't be helped). There was usually a deck chair and plenty of shade available even though it was peak season. My only gripe would be similar to other reviewers, it's not that I am against paying upfront for all of my room charges, it is more the manner in which the staff member treated us. We were happy to pay immediately but our bags with our cash had been carried up the hill to our villa by some porters so we had to go into our bags to get the cash to be able to pay. The staff member treated us as though we were thieves and trying to do something shifty which we weren't and would only let us up to our room after much explanation/convincing that we needed to go there to get our cash. It was quite bizarre and in all of my travels I haven't really experienced anything similar. It's a shame because it leaves such a bad taste in your mouth as a first impression but otherwise I would highly recommend this resort to everyone as everything else is great. For those who dive, it's a short drive up to Tulamben where we dove at the Liberty wreck site which was a fantastic experience.