We loved it here

Reviewed January 11, 2012

In short, amazing! We arrived at our Villa after a journey of nearly 18 hours, leaving Margaret River in WA at 5am, spending a few hours at the Holiday Inn Baruna (a great way to kill some time between flights), flying to Mataram, 1.5 hour van ride to the speed boat and then one crazy speed boat ride from Lombok to Gili T by torchlight (the driver was taking serious delight is our delirious laughter). Once off the speed boat we were on the horse and cart Tuk Tuks that define Gili T and off to what seemed the centre of the Island. The horse carts dropped us at the entrance road leading to the Villas and we met a random staff member half way down the path who instantly knew who we were and directed us to our villa. 5 of us walked into the villa and 5 jaws instantly dropped to the floor. This place was incredible. None of us could quite believe this whole place and the enormous 20 metre pool was all ours! The whole fit out was beautiful and we found everything we could want and more for our stay. The service was very good, but not perfect. The night staff barely speak English so we stopped calling reception after 9. Apart from that, we had everything we wanted (if sometimes with the Gili delay). The food was decent overall. Sure the breakfast was average but the BBQ they came and cooked for us was amazing. We ate out most of the other 7 nights we stayed. The location suited us. It is a 20 minute walk to the main drag but there are restaurants within 5-10 minutes (take a torch at night) on the quieter side of the Island. We were happy to have some isolation during the craziness of New Years Eve. Overall this was a great experience and we found the staff friendly and helpful (they organised the return of my lost bag that the airline would not deliver, as well as local transport and all our transfers). Basically the only negative was that the upstairs air con kept cutting out at night most nights but this is a fairly remote little island in South East Asia and these things do happen, even at luxury villas. If you want a slightly quieter stay on Gili T, look no further.