Access Bali Online was launched in 1997 by I Gede Sanat Kumara in order to focus developing interest in Internet business in Bali. With twenty years experience in hotel management and tourism in Bali, a prime Indonesia destination, I Gede Sanat Kumara gained the experience and foresight to establish Access Bali Online.

Under the name of CV. Media Komunikasi Perkasa, Access Bali Online established a corporate presence in web design, web consulting, web advertising and hosting for more than 57 associated partners world wide in its first two years of operation. At the same time, RoomFinder, Access Bali Villas, Boutique Hotel and Bali Preferred Hotels were launched.

Access Bali Online also engineered free-access information to support content for visitors and clients. RoomFinder grew rapidly, and in February 1998 diversified into the Reservations Department of Access Bali Online, with continuing success and rapid growth rates, showing a 90% return of purchasers. More specific websites, properties, and services within a typical template assure complete information is continually supplemented into RoomFinder.

The last quarter of 1998 brought RoomFinder and all RoomFinder Servicers of Access Bali Online under independent license now operating as Ayu Lestari Tours and Travel Ltd, also known as ABL Tours.


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