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Travel Tips in ujung pandang

Where to go in Makassar

Makassar is a metropolis and gateway to eastern Indonesia. This huge city is around 175 km2 and keeps on expanding in every direction with new suburbs everywhere. For the visitors, Makassar offers several interesting places to visit including

Fort Rotterdam, a landmark of Gowa Kingdom's past greatness. Gowa Kingdom was the strongest kingdom in 17th century in Sulawesi. During that time Makassar was know a trading city. During the Dutch colonialism, the fort was rebuilt and renamed "Fort Rotterdam".

The Tombs of Tallo's King is a tomb that houses 778 grave in different forms. It is located in the northern part on Makassar City. Based on the data from the available literature and archeologists, the graves of Tallo and Gowa kings from the beginning to the end of the 17th century can be found in here.

The tomb of Prince Diponegoro, a national hero and son of Sultan Hamengkubuwono III of Yogyakarta who fought against the Dutch in The Java War in the year 1825 - 1830. He was eventually caught through a trick, exiled to Manado and was later moved back to Makassar where he was first arrested. He died in Makassar in 1855. His tomb build in the family graveyard, is preserved and seriously cared.

Samalona Island is situated across the harbor of Makassar and can be reached by boat with just 45 minutes. Samalona Island has been developed into a pleasant recreational resort with a cluster of coral reefs area spawning 2, 34 ha in width.

Kodingareng Island with its white sand beach that is lined with trees and the widest coral reefs in South Sulawesi which are still in a good condition is just 8.37 miles or 13.48 kilometers from the coastal city of Makassar. This island was elected as nature preservation centre.

Trans World Studio is the largest indoor amusement park and the biggest indoor theme park in Asia at this time. It is located in the Regions and the Global Tourism Business Tanjung Bunga, Makassar, It houses shopping centers, the Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, and Studio Trans, Trans Hotel, office of Bank Mega and other facilities.

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Fort Rotterdam


Fort Rotterdam


Samalona Island


Samalona Island


Samalona Island

More tips on this area

Bantimurung Waterfall
Bantimurung Waterfall in Maros regency, South Sulawesi is one of tourism destinations that you should not miss. Bantimurung Waterfall can be reached with one-hour drive from Makassar and 30-minute drive from Hasanuddin Airport, Makassar. Bantimurung waterfall is situated at the valley of a limestone hill with its fertile tropical vegetation. Bantimurung waterfall is a government protected natural reserve..

Nestled on the slope of Bawakaraeng & Lompobatang Mountains, Malino is 2-hour drive from Makassar and a holiday resort for the kings in bygone days. Malino offers picturesque panorama, cool climate and adorned with forest of pine trees, make it a suitable place for hide away from the hustle bustle of city life. This cool area is located at an altitude of around 850 meters, make it possible for many..

Where to eat in Makassar
Makassar is haven for seafood lovers, here, every night, you can find dozens of seafood warung on the opposite of Fort Rotterdam and around the Paotere harbour. These seafood warungs serves tastiest and cheapest seafood in town, not to mention the seafood warungs around Paotere that are famous for their grilled milkfish served with peanut sauce and coconut milk soup. Most famous eataries for seafood..


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