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Travel Tips in nusa lembongan

Where To Eat In Lembongan Island

Lembongan Island is a paradise for sea food lovers. Every single restaurant lists various sea foods on their menu. Actually there are plenty of places to eat in this little island. Start from warung, Indonesian traditional food booths up to big restaurants serving you western and Indonesian food. I am always failed to remember the name of the food. But I will try to give you the clues so you can enjoy the spectacular seafood as I did…

Café Bunga
If you depart from Sanur to get to Lembongan Island you will definitely land at Jungut Batu sea port. This area serves you many accommodations right on the beach and a plenty of restaurants. Thailand cuisine, Indonesian cuisine….hmm but on my first day at Nusa Lembongan I preferred to eat at café Bunga, calamari as my lunch menu. Well I didn’t expect anything until this calamari shocked my tongue. This is the excellent Calamari, served with steamed rice, salad and sauce. The sauce is very mouthwatering. So on the next day, I ordered Calamari (again) for my dinner menu at Café Bunga. But I was disappointed with its spring roll. It was deep fried in virgin coconut oil, not really nice for me.

Scooby doo
For dinner, I tried to believe in Wikipedia. Wikipedia lists Scooby doo as one of best restaurants at Lembongan. Why not? On that night I enjoyed my Fish and Chip under the star right on Jungut Batu beach. It was not fantastic but still good. Scooby doo served various tempting cocktails and other menu such as grilled pork ribs. Scooby doo seemed the best spot to savor the night on the beach with its music and a glass of caipirinha.

Café Pandan
In order to experience dine at café Pandan you have to find Dream Beach first. Because Café Pandan is perched on the cliff overlooking white sand Dream Beach. This café offers wide range of sea food, cocktail such as spring rolls, coffee, tea, and fresh juice cocktails. It was 10 pm. I had already had my breakfast but still wanted to eat something light. So I ordered seafood spring rolls and a cup of tea whilst enjoying stunning vista. It was excellent snack. The spring roll was fresh from the frying pan. And I was delighted by it.

Café Bali at Mushroom Beach
You can experience the nicest dining indulgence at Café Bali. Ride the motorbike to the southwest area of Lembongan and you can find another bay, a sea port, named Mushroom Bay, where Café Bali situated. Café Bali offers expansive range of western food such as salad, seafood, and top quality desserts. Again, I forget the name of food I ate, the only thing I remember that the tuna and prawns were fantastic. It was surprisingly delighting having lunch there. I ended my fantastic lunch with a cup of coffee and pineapple pie with custard sauce.

You may never find out the sumptuous-designed restaurants just like restaurants at Nusa Dua or Legian. But these restaurants at nusa Lembongan are highly recommend due to the fantastic taste. The prices are a bit more expensive than restaurants at Kuta or other areas. The main courses’ prices are ranging from 35.000 IDR – 100.000 IDR For excellent taste, I think it is ok.

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