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Travel Tips in labuhan bajo

What to do in Komodo National Park

What to do in Komodo National Park There are some interesting activities that Komodo National Park has to offer. Here are some of them. Komodo spotting is the most popular activity. It can be done by hiking to Banu Nggulung, a dry river-bed about half-hour walk from Loh Liang. Banu Nggulung attracts some of the Komodos. When you encounter this lizard, it is better to keep a distance, move slowly and calmly. It is also possible to spot some komodos that are looking for food or water.

Hiking is an activity that will give you more opportunity to spot Komodos, the longer you hike the more beautiful sceneries you will encounter, when we are talking about sceneries here we are talking about stunning sea views, tranquil beaches and bays, deep valleys, etc. From Loh Liang you can have various choices of trails such as hiking to Gunung Ara, Poreng Valley. The trail can be push further to Bukit Randolph or Loh Sebita that offers challenging track and beautiful views. You can find other wildlife along the trails such as deer, wild boar, buffalo and various birds.

Diving and snorkeling also can be done, the visitors mostly hire boat from Labuanbajo and the boat is usually equipped with snorkeling gears. Some nice places for snorkeling are around the island of Lasa and off the Red Beach (Pantai Merah). Diving here offers most exhilarating scuba diving in Indonesia; some good spot for diving are Batu Bolong, Crystal Bommie, Castle Rock and the Cauldron. Diving around Komodo National Park is not for beginner.

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Komodo National Park


Komodo National Park wildlife - deer


Komodo National Park wildlife - buffalo


Komodo National Park - Diving


Komodo National Park

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