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Travel Tips in jayapura

What To Do In Papua

Honestly, no other areas can beat the wild beautiful nature of Papua. Bali offers different kind of nature that tends to be ‘tame’ and is managed very well. Papua’s nature is exceptionally amazing and untouched by modernity. For people who love adventure Papua will challenge you a lot. The beauty of Papua’s nature is incomparable that people always say: Papua is created when God is smiling.

Diving at Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat is an outstanding place for diving because this area has crystal clear (really crystal clear) water that you can see the creature underwater and fabulous corals. People who come to Raja Ampat which has some unique pretty lodges will also speechless due to its beauty. It must say that among other diving spots in Indonesia, Raja Ampat is the winner. It is very awesome seeing creatures under the water which is still preserved very well and clean. Even you can see small sharks swimming near your lodge. Besides crystal clear water and creatures live in it you also will be amazed by the green cliffs. This is the place for you, adventurous people.

Climbing Jayawijaya Mountain
This is the heaven both for climbers and geologists. For climbers Jayawijaya Mountain could be one of a few mountains that hard to be beaten due to its terrain and the weather. It needs special preparation and accurate estimation before you decide to reach one of the snowy peaks of Jaywaijaya Mountain. In the meantime for geologists this area will give you a best description of how earth was. At Jayawijaya Mountain you can find fossilized seashell in the limestone and clastic defining that Jayawijaya with 4800 masl had ever been in the deep of the sea.

Sightseeing at Sentani Lake
Sentani Lake is more than just beautiful. It is amazingly stunning with weeds and bushes and wide lake. It is located only 25 km from Jayapura, the capital city of Papua. You will never stop adoring the virgin Sentani Lake which can soothe the senses.

Doing expedition and Diving at Liki Island
Liki Island is the island with small population: three tribes with 263 people. Mostly they live by fishing. This island is about to be developed as a tourist destination because the researchers see potency of this island to attract the tourists. The researchers claim that Liki Island has various beautiful creatures under the water, a good spot for diving.

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Diving at Raja Ampat


Jayawijaya Mountain


Sightseeing at Sentani Lake


Sightseeing at Sentani Lake


Jayawijaya Mountain

More tips on this area

Where To Eat In Papua
In Papua renowned for its beauty of nature, the people eat Sago as the staple food instead of rice. In Jayapura you will have more abundant choices of place to eat than in other areas. The most famous Papua’s traditional dish is Papeda completed with tuna cooked with yellow sauce. However, some restaurants also offer Indonesian food, Chinese food, and limited European cuisines. Here is the..

Where To Go In Papua
Before digging deeper into this topic you should know some facts about travelling to Papua. Having travel to Papua may shockingly expensive; it costs you 2 or 3 times higher than in Bali or Java or Sumatra since everything should be imported from West Indonesia. But the beautiful nature of Papua is worthwhile. And don’t risk yourself by not preparing preventive pills (malaria pills, etc)..


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