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Travel Tips in batam


If you want to enjoy more leisure, you can visit the resorts of the Nongsa and Marina Waterfront City, which can be reached by a short taxi ride from Nagoya. Some facilities at Batam’s resorts are gyms, spas, and massage treatments, while activities available include go-karting, squash, golfing, fishing, jet skis, sail boarding, cable skiing, horse riding, parasailing, tennis, and more. You can visit the Waterworld at Dutamas near the Batam Centre to enjoy a nautical adventure theme park with waterslide and well-designed pool. Bowling lovers can give some shots at the Ten pin bowling lanes set on the top floor of the Lucky Plaze shopping Centre. A large billiards parlour, video games arcade and bar are also available within.

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What to wear
However, the dress codes in Batam are more relaxed. It is accepted that visiting Bule men often will wear short pants and t-shirts suited to the hot climate and Western style low cut jeans with short tops and exposed midriffs are now standard dress for many young local women. It is not entirely uncommon to see some girls wearing shorts in public. However, if you are going to see an official or wish..

Do not drink tap water, even in 5-star hotels, unless you know that it has been boiled for at least 5 minutes. Safe, good quality bottled water is cheaply and readily available in shops, restaurants, bars and at roadside stalls and is used by most locals as well as visitors. Your hotel usually will supply free bottled water for you each day. Generally you can safely enjoy ice in your drinks. Restaurants,..

Don’t expect to find such sophistication you may find in Singapore, though they are only some miles away. But Batam is duty free and the prices can be very cheap, a bit like Singapore and Hong Kong in the “good old days”. You may want to visit some of the shopping centers a little out of Nagoya like the malls at Batam Centre and Pambil (near Muka Kuning). Paintings, wood carvings, pottery, etchings..

Do ensure your passport and valuables are placed in a safe or safety box at your hotel. Carry a photocopy of your passport identification pages and your entry/departure card in case you are asked for ID by the police or some other authority. Don’t carry or displaying large sums of cash and be a little wary when using and leaving ATM machines (take a look at who might be watching and waiting – if..

International certificates of valid small-pox, cholera and yellow fever vaccinations are required only from travellers coming from infected areas. The only mandatory requirement is a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate (to protect the Indonesian community) if you are travelling direct from Africa or some areas of South America. ..

Batam is best reached via Singapore if you are travelling from most of the rest of the world. There is an international airport on Batam but at present few international destinations are served other than charter flights. From the airport you can take a taxi or a clean, modern MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train to the HARBOUR FRONT ferry terminal (previously known as the World Trade Centre). Ferries depart..

The main modes of travel are taxis (“official” and “unofficial”), ojeks (motor cycle taxis which you can hire to take you to your destination as a pillion passenger), privately operated mini-buses and walking. There are no becaks or bemos, so common in some Indonesian towns and cities. If you are bold enough and maybe just a little crazy, there's also driving yourself! Step out your hotel door,..

Batam is an island so it is not surprising that seafoods play a major part in most local cuisines. Try the local fare – it is different, very cheap and very tasty. Be aware too that the Chinese or Thai dishes with which you think you are familiar may be somewhat different here, often delightfully so. Pujasera are outdoor food courts with a number of warung (small stall-like kitchens) serving meals..

Don’t bargain if you are not in intention to purchase the products. Remember that once you enter into a bargaining process and reach a consensus it is considered impolite and a show of bad faith if you do not conclude the transaction. Please note that you can’t bargain in the big shops with marked prices, restaurants, etc. However, in shops with marked prices you can usually expect discounts of 20..

Don’t stand in an aggressive manner, like with hands on hips or pointing directly at someone with your index finger) Don’t embarrass people, particularly in front of their subordinates, even in jest. Indonesians are not used to such behaviour and have great difficulty in accepting the loss of face it is considered to cause. Be careful with your ironic humour. This will go down like a lead balloon..

Batam Island enjoys a tropical climate all year round with temperatures ranging from an average minimum of 25 degrees to an average maximum of 34 degrees Celsius (77 to 95 Fahrenheit). Humidity ranges from 73% to 96%. The annual average rainfall is 2,600 mm (about 105 inches) with the wet season extending from November to April/May and the dry season from June to October. The dry and wet season..

Batam nightlife’s scene features bars, nightlifes, karaokes and discotheques. Nightclubs are mainly to be found in the bigger quality hotels usually with live bands and performers. Live music is occasional, but more likely disco or cable TV showing the sports channels. Most are aimed at ex-pats and visitors but some also attract regular local patronage. Some are popular spots for meeting local..


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