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Travel Tips in amed

Where To Eat in Amed

Amed, for some people is new tourism destination, surely less popular than Kuta yet offers perfectly serene place to relax. It has small number of cafes but surprisingly long array of restaurant. Without ignoring the hygiene of the food, these restaurants serve from inexpensive delectable Balinese food to International ones.

Bayu Restaurant
Like most of Amed restaurants, Bayu restaurants not just offer the food but also spectacular ocean view. No need AC, since the sea breeze will cool each corner of this classic small restaurant. Specialty in Balinese fare such Pepes Ikan(steamed fresh fish with Balinese spices), Bayu restaurant also has option for Indonesian and Chinese fare. Bayu Cottages, Lipah beach-Amed (0363) 23.495

Deep Blue
Deep Blue at Deep Blue Resort is oceanfront Czech-owned restaurant offering mainly Balinese favorites. But if you want to enjoy seafood, Czech, and vegetarian this restaurant can be able to provide them to your table. Deep Blue Resort, Selang-Amed.

Le Jardin
Under French management, Le Jardin serves French, Indonesian, Singaporean, Vegetarian and many others in beautiful setting with sea view. As special Balinese food needs more time to be prepared, pre-order is necessary. Le Jardin Bungalows, Lipah Beach-Amed, (0363) 23.507

Life in Amed
Situated in the fishing village named Lian, Life in Amed will bring favorite Balinese, Indonesian, seafood, vegetarian food to your table. Being part of up market boutique hotel named Life In Amed, this restaurant will be a great place to sweep away the hunger. Life In Amed Boutique Hotel, Lian-Bunutan +62 81 338 645 037

One of modern restaurant perched on hillside with gorgeous view. Sails serves more western dish options than others in this area. The service is professional but still great value for money. Their Chicken Mandarin is worth to try! Lean-Amed, (0362) 22.006

Amed has local hangout which is very comfortable named Shanti in which this restaurant is completed with lounge bar and WI-FI. In Amed district this is something uncommon. Moreover, Shanti serves long list of International cuisine with Italian touch menu. If you want to have something spicy, try Balinese and Indonesian favorites. Lipah Beach-Amed, (0363) 23.527

Wayan’s Warung
It is simply road side warung serving simple dishes yet excellent taste. Mainly serves Balinese fare, Wayan’s Warung is arguably cheap warung with gorgeous taste in the center of Lipah.

Bogaraja is the place in Amed where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean view while experience Indonesian and International fare with great food. If you feel so fatigue to continue the trip after having meals you can stay at Indra Udhyana Hotel. This restaurant indeed is the part of the hotel. Hotel Indra Udhyana Bunutan-Amed, (0363) 22.349

Coral View
Coral view at Coral View Villas is hidden in bottom garden right on the beach. Coral view serves various foods from Chinese fare to Italian favorites. If you are really keen to have a night excursion using the fishing boat you can really do.

Gede Restaurant
Gede Restaurant serves good quality food in such a remote location like Amed though little bit pricey. Mostly serves seafood in any style from cocktails to the main course, the most fascinating menu is langustinos, look like a big prawn. Lipah Beach, Amed, (0363) 23.517

Hidden Paradise
People come to Amed to seek such a tranquil place to relax and you can certainly do in Hidden Paradise with an extra of good food. Delectable and innovative International and Indonesian fare are available to pamper the tongue. The symbol of Balinese cuisine, Ayam Be Tutu, can be enjoyed here with pre-order since the cook needs time to prepare it. Hidden Paradise Cottages, Lipah Beach (0363) 43. 1273

Prema Liong
Prema Liong will give you different experience in having meals. This restaurant has setting similar to a painting studio that you will feel as if you are eating in a studio. Prema Lion can also serve International dishes and little Italian feast in garden setting. Simple food at bargain price and lovely setting, all you can find only at Prema Liong. Prema Liong Bungalows, Bunutan Beach Amed.

Santai Restaurant
Definitely a place to relax! This is the first restaurant in Amed which use International chef to present exceptionally wonderful dishes on your table. Four common fishes Yellow Fin Tuna, Barracuda, Mackerel, and Mahi-Mahi are presented with different international treatments. Worth to mention their superb dessert such as Key Lime Pie or Chocolate Orgasm. Santai Bungalows, Bunutan-Amed, (0363) 23.487

Komang John Café
At Blue Moon Villas, perched on the cliff, Komang John café is arguably the place where you can enjoy good quality food whilst relishing breathtaking views. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with good selection of Indonesian and International dishes. For snack lovers Komang John café provides variety of jaffles and sandwiches. Blue Moon Villa, Selang Beach, Amed. (0363) 21.468

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Deep Blue


Gede's Restaurant


Santai Restaurant



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