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The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa
Jalan Kunti 118X, Seminyak Bali 80361
  • News from The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa Mar 13, 2007
  • Official Press Release Feb 5, 2007
  • News from The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa

    Nyepi, the Balinese Hindu New Year, is approaching and the island is getting ready for the celebrations surrounding it. With religious ceremonies and colourful, lively parades, the atmosphere across the island will be vibrant and festive, except for the Day of Silence itself, which is a time for introspection and meditation.

    For the Balinese, Nyepi is the most important day on their calendar (see feature ‘Day of Silent Luxury'). For foreigners, it is a good opportunity to completely unwind and to take advantage of The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa's special discounts on villas, spa packages and meals. Being confined is an ideal excuse to engage in some reflection of your own in the luxury of The Villas, where we have created the perfect day for you: A Day of Silent Luxury.

    In the comfort of your villa, read a book, enjoy a long Balinese-style lunch, a lazy afternoon nap, a rejuvenating ‘Turkish Delight' treatment at Prana Spa or simply, enjoy doing nothing at all and soak up the peace and quiet. As night falls, let chef Made Sukarmajaya and his team at award-winning Prana Restaurant prepare a special set dinner for you, to complete the ultimate day of complete harmony.

    As The Villas prepares to welcome guests this Nyepi, we have also welcomed a new Director of Sales, Nicoline Dolman. We are very excited to have Nicoline on board heading up our expanded sales team and enhancing the experience of our valued guests.

    We endeavour to continually surpass your expectations and look forward to seeing you soon at our resort, spa and restaurant.

    - David Kearns, General Manager

    Day of Silent Luxury
    As Bali prepares to literally ‘play dead' on March 19 in honour of Nyepi, The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa is preparing for ‘A Day of Silent Luxury'. There is no better opportunity to savour the tranquility of Bali as she sleeps, than with special discounts available for Indonesian citizens and KIM's/KITAS holders on villas, spa treatments and meals.



    In The Kitchen With Made
    Prana Restaurant has been named one of the best restaurants in Indonesia by Tattler Indonesia magazine. Meet the man behind this award, new head chef I Made Sukarmajaya, who started his career 20 years ago selling cakes at a local market. He has come a long way since then, but remains true to his Balinese roots.



    Turkish Delight at Prana
    In the spirit of introspection honoured by Nyepi, Prana has launched a new Turkish spa therapy that brings the Hamman traditions of the Middle East to Bali . This lavish steam and exfoliation treatment includes hot and cold plunge pools, steam session, an hour-long Turkish massage that encompasses an exfoliating scrub, and an hour-long cream bath in Prana's salon, where you can enjoy herbal tea and of course a Turkish Delight chocolate. This is one spa treatment sure to leave you feeling invigorated, revived and deliriously contented!


    iPods Jazz up Chill
    There is now even more excuse to indulge in the ancient healing remedies of reflexology at Chill, with iPods providing personalised music for guests as they drift off into a narcoleptic-like state. Guests now have a much greater variety of music and the ability to easily switch betweens albums and artists throughout their treatment, after Chill recently replaced its old portable mini-disc players with iPods.



    Staff Profile - Ni Kadek Sriani
    Spa Coordinator

    When did you start working at Prana?
    Six years ago. Before that, I worked in an art shop in Gianyar, near Ubud.
    What is your role at Prana?
    I started as a therapist but now I am spa coordinator, so I manage the spa therapists and train new staff. I still do treatments myself.
    What is your favourite treatment?
    That's easy – the Simple Bliss Ayurvedic Treatment. It is sublime. It starts with a one-hour aromatherapy massage followed by a one-hour Ayurvedic massage of the head, scalp, neck and shoulders that involves a constant stream of specially blended, warm oils. It puts you into a trance-like state!
    Do you ever get to enjoy massage yourself?
    Oh yes – one of the perks of working at Prana is that we have to practise on each other!
    What else do you like about working at Prana?
    We have a very solid team and many opportunities to travel and develop our career. I have travelled twice to Australia – Perth , Adelaide and Sydney – for trade shows where I did demonstration massage and traditional Balinese dance performances.

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