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Anaheim Villa Lake Buyan formerly The Kalaspa
Br Asih Panji, Ds.Sukasada, Bedugul Bali 81162
  • The Innovative New Package Nov 17, 2003
  • The Innovative New Package

    On October 25, 2003, PATA Bali Chapter’s at their annual general meeting have given awards to persons or institutions in Bali for their achievement in several categories. At this meeting, The Kalaspa received an acknowledgment from the hospitality industry for its unique concept with the “Innovative New Package” award.

    The Kalaspa has redefined the meaning of hotel with the understanding of 5 (five) most important destinations that people may choose for their holiday: Family Destination, Romantic Destination, Gourmet Destination, Nature & Adventure Destination, Holistic & Spiritual Destination. All the packages available from The Kalaspa will be customized to the most desire experience that the customers search for.

    At the Kalaspa, we believe when the families take their leisure is the perfect time to share not only hilarity but also life. Trekking on rain forest, canoeing on the lake, picnic luncheon, or whatever the activities is as long as involved all the family members will be the best moment to share each other.

    Honeymooners always looking something not only romantic but also intimate. Royal Javanese Secret treatments, which used by Javanese Princess on their first night, apply for the couple to create sensation through body perfuming. Aphrodisiac food, which is believed could fuelling the feel of love also prepare based on their personality. Body language treatment will be achieved through Yoga Tantra.

    As gourmet destination, The Kalaspa will allows their guest not only to learn how to cook Balinese gourmet correctly, but also share the story behind of the food and when is to present on what occasion. People will be encourages going to the village market and also seeing traditional Balinese kitchen authentically.

    For the people that love with nature and adventure, The Kalaspa is the perfect haven to explore their adrenalin by exploring the waterfalls surrounding the resort or exploring the two sacred lakes in front of the resort.

    The Kalaspa location is spiritually perfect since it is surrounds by mountains and lakes, which bring the utmost creativity and wisdom, just what ancient Chinese philosophy believes. Holistic approach and spiritual experience offer to people who have willingness to recreate their perception of life.

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