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The Gangsa
Jl. Tirta Akasa No. 28 Sanur Bali 80227
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    warm greeting from the gangsa,

    it’s pleasure to present you with the final edition of in harmony with the gangsa for 2007. i am proud to update readers with all the latest news from the gangsa through this online initiative. at the touch of a button we are able to reach nations on all continents proving that distance is no longer a boundary for global communication.

    the gangsa recently celebrated its second anniversary and we chose to participate in several socially orientated activities to show our ongoing commitment toward being actively involved in the local community and adhering to sustainable tourism practices. our dedicated team of staff member were also duty rewarded for their dedication over the past two years with an outing, fun sports on the beach and party.

    on a final note i would like to take this opportunity to extend my very best wishes to our friends and travel associates for the coming festive season, may the new year 2008 bring us all peace and prosperity.

    kind regards,

    i wayan warta
    residence manager

    social ties

    in an ongoing quest to ensure that the gangsa maintains a strong relationship with the balinese community, we always ascertain the possibility of using local products and supporting small home industries. when the gangsa chose to formulate its own signature bath soap with a reputable spa consultancy company, the final production was eventually handed over to a home based industry located in ubud. handmade entirely from natural ingredients, the gangsa’s customized bath soap is subjected to regular dermatology testing to guarantee quality and consistency. by fostering the growth of home industry on the island, the gangsa can be assured that the financial benefits of the tourism industry is filtering down and providing a livelihood for local members of the communitiy.

    twilight sensation

    the gangsa proudly presents a brand new activity entitled ‘twilight sensation’, which combines an indulging spa treatment and cultural excursion to the inspiring cliff top temple of uluwatu on bali’s southern peninsular. this unique activity commences mid-afternoon with a nurturing one hour treatment at rebab spa to revive the senses. guest are then transported to uluwatu temple for a mesmerising performance of the vibrant kecak dance against a sunset backdrop. as darkness descends, the next stop is jimbaran bay to enjoy a succulent seafood dinner grilled to perfection and a chilled bottle of white wine on the beach.

    twilight sensation is ideally suited for couples visiting bali for the first time as it showcases elements of the island’s heritage and takes time to visit two stunning destinations only with us$ 70 ++ per person. alternatively, the spa treatment can be taken the following day if desired.

    festive season at the gangsa

    ...> white christmas celebration

    guests choosing to stay at the gangsa during the festive season have the opportunity to celebrate in style with an exclusive four-course gourmet christmas dinner served in the privacy of their villa compound. this is a fitting occasion to savour an intimate evening with a loved one under the stars against a backdrop of flickering candles and pure white floral decoration emitting exotic fragrances. this special christmas dinner is priced at just us$ 90 ++ per couple and includes a complementary glass of wine to set the mood for an evening of festive cuisine.

    ...> intimate new year’s eve indulgence

    this new year’s eve at the gangsa will be a special time for guest to bid a fond farewell to 2007 and embrace the first moments of 2008 with an intimate celebration in the privacy of their villa. a delectable four-course dinner will be served throughout the duration of the evening with gentle intermezzo music accompaniment, candles and fragrant flower decoration to set the mood for romance. this evening of indulgence is priced at just us$ 120 ++ per couple and includes a bottle of fine international wine to toast a brand new year filled with love happiness.

    truly balinese: gebogan – the towering offering

    the towering offerings that balinese women carry gracefully on top of their heads to temple ceremonies are referred to as gebogan. this magnificent type of offering is constructed out of different kinds of fruit and traditional rice cakes placed in symmetrical layer around the base of a banana trunk. it is topped by an arrangement of decorative flowers and carefully placed in the temple compound to appease the gods during auspicious religious occasions.

    the following items are required to create a simple gebogan offering :
    - coconut palm fronds
    - 10 red apples
    - 8 green apples
    - 9 fuji apples
    - 8 mandarin oranges
    - 6 local oranges
    - a piece of banana trunk approximately 50 cm long
    - wooden satay sticks
    - a decorative balinese bowl that comes in two tiers known as dulang

    place the banana stem in the centre of the dulang. take the red apples and pierce each one with a stay stick. arrange each apple neatly around the base of the banana stem by puncturing it with the opposite end of the satay stick so that the fruint remands in place. repeat this process with all the other types of fruit until you achieve a layered effect. make sure that the smaller pieces of fruit are placed at the top of the banana stem. decorate the top of the offering with woven coconut palm fronds and fragrant flowers.

    tip: try to buy pieces of fruit that are relatively similar in size to maintain the aesthetic and symmetric look of the offering.

    staff profile: kadek suastini

    in this edition of in harmony with the gangsa we would like to draw attention to the creative talents of kadek suastini who is responsible for all of the enchanting floral and fruit decorations around the property. a native of bali’s capital city denpasar, kadek always brightens up everyone’s day with her radiant smile, eagerness and gentle demenour. in her spare time she enjoys listening to music and making offering for the temple. kadek’s flair and eye for colour was noticed by the management at the gangsa and she was given the opportunity to develop her artistic skills with a promotion to the position as in-house florist.

    chef collaboration dinner at the gangsa

    in conjunction with kayumanis in ubud, nusa dua and jimbaran, the gangsa recently hosted another successful chef collaboration dinner, which treated guests to an evening of Balinese indulgence that nurtured the senses through a menu of tantalizing cuisine paired with fine wines and performances of rare gamelan music.

    this exclusive event coincided with the gangsa’s second anniversary celebrations and guests enjoyed an evening of true hospitality excellence. the classic balinese music performed throughout the duration of the evening was provided by members of the mekar bhuana foundation, a group of skilled musicians who formed to foster local arts and safeguard the heritage of traditional music.

    an exquisite four-course dinner was served to showcase the culinary expertise and vision of local chef, proving that the island’s evolving food & beverage industry is on par with its international counterparts. each successive course was paired by wine from naked range, which is a vibrant collection of boutique wines produced by jansz estate in australia’s renowned yarra valley. the chef’s collaboration dinner has become a much anticipated event on bali’s social calendar and there was an overwhelming response to this latest series of innovative dinner at the gangsa.

    guest testimonies

    we regularly receive valuable feedback from our guests that is used to evaluate staff performance and the quality of personalized service that is offered at the gangsa. we’d like to share some of the most recent comments that have been made :

    “staying at the gangsa was really comfortable and i felt completely at ease. i’m a fan of the property after only 3 days. thank you very much for a lovely time.”
    > ibu c. yumi from japan, stayed in villa kemong (july 2007)

    “thank you so much to all of the gangsa staff for their service, we really enjoyed our stay. back home in japan we have tried to make soto ayam and recreate the tastes of bali”
    > the yanagida family from japan. Stayed in kemong ( july 2007)

    “we’d like to thank the staff at the gangsa, everyone was so genuine and friendly. there was so much care and attention to every small detail. the long flight was well and truly worth it to stay at the gangsa.
    > bapak and ibu artemieff – de cock from belgium, stayed at villa kendang (august 2007)

    “the gangsa is paradise.”
    > the hag family from holland, stayed in villa cengceng ( july 2007)

    “we had a wonderful and delicious breakfast in every morning. the therapists at rebab spa were excellent.”
    > ibu agostina & ibu esmeralda from italy, stayed at villa cengceng ( august 2007 )

    staff news
    › anniversary celebrations
    the month of september 2007 marked the second anniversary of the gangsa and a number of different activities were organized to celebrate the occasion. firstly, all staff member gathered together at the legendary mertasari temple in sanur of the 1st september for a session of communal prayer to place offering and express gratitude to Gods almighty for his eternal blessing. the on 5th september several staff member paid a visit to a foundation for disabled children in the gianyar regency called yayasan senang hati. the foundation supports it self financially through the production of simple handicrafts and the gangsa chose this particular institution to make a donation and share the good fortune that the property has experienced over the past two years of operation.

    throughout the entire month of september, staff member also had the opportunity to participate in healthy pastimes such as badminton, canoeing and beach volleyball , which essentially was to encourage cooperation. an outing with team building exercises also took place and was closely followed by a blood donation campaign. anniversary celebration drew to a close with a social gathering on 6th october 2007 for an evening of food, fun and entertainment to recognize two years of dedication.
    › new staff member
    the gangsa would like to welcome the appointment of a new staff member. mr. ida bagus suamba joins the property as head of rooms division and brings with him a wealth of experience from this time spent working for the disney cruise line as well as at ramada bali and alila manggis. in his spare time mr. suamba enjoys all kinds of sports and playing the bass guitar.

    › wedding celebrations
    congratulations to spa therapist, rai sri winadi who married her partner on 14th september 2007 in the village of pangkung pejaten in the tabanan regency. the happy couple met this year on valentine’s day and it was love at first sight for the pair.

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