Cottages in the middle of a lush Balinese garden

Reviewed August 10, 2012 We (2 persons) stayed in this beautiful garden for four nights on our Sanur leg of our two weeks trip to Bali in low season April 2012. The hotel is located on north Sanur with seemingly the most interesting places situated to the south and to the beach. So in a way (location wise) it would maybe have been better to have a hotel a little bit lower on the map to give both north and south a proper exploring. The walk to the beach isnít particularly interesting but it is a short one and filled with frogs in the night time so watch your step. The immediate area to the south (including the beachwalk) has lots of variety in restaurants and Circle K is just around the corner. It is also possible to rent bicycles either from the hotel or (again) just around the corner.

hotel consists of a really nice looking waiting area, pool, a lush Balinese garden with statues and a gate(!) and individual cottages sprinkled all over the area. The pool is big and has multiple sun chairs provided with towels. There is also a pool bar which was now closed but in theory you can enjoy pink umbrella decorated cocktails right from the pool.

The breakfast is served in the Hotelís restaurant and you can select between different kinds of pancakes and varietes of English breakfast with toasts or bacon or eggs. We only once tried toast but it didnít really tickle our taste buds, quite the contrary. So went for pancakes for the rest of our trip. The juice accompanied with the breakfast was just a small glass of either orange juice, apple or pineapple. Nothing like the juices in other hotels we came to visit. The cottage was equipped with an AC, a fridge and small TV. The room also included a wardrobe which we didnít use and they provided new bottles of water every day. The interior is a bit worn out and would probably benefit from a little renovation or a lacquer work here and there.

The cottage we were staying in had a small terrace where it was nice to spend the evening reading a good book, drinking fridge cold Bintang and chatting the night away. There is a narrow footpath in front of the cottage leading to other residences but otherwise our terrace was well covered from the eyes of others. The terrace was also surprisingly insect-free although you could spot an occasional frog glued to the electric cord of the terrace lamp on the prowl for insects. So maybe that was the reason.

What comes to creepy crawlies the cottages are constructed quite lightly so you can hear Gekko lizards keeping their noise in the night and can even find some in your room if there is something good in the trash or you left your bag of buns open (buns->insects->Gekko). If you encounter one (or three) please treat them good and check your luggage before leaving. Gekko might not be up to move.