Phuki Maha is the true definition of 'Paradise'. Phuki Maha is located less than 10km from Ubud, and 15km from Denpasar. Phuki Maha sits on the edge of a cliff, commanding a breathtaking, unobstructed 270-degree view of the Wos River, waterfalls and working rice fields. This beautiful property has been called 'a Living Postcard' by Phuki Maha guests; as you view daily rituals of Balinese life including, river bathing, fishing, field work, etc., all from comfort of large swimming surrounded by centuries old Balinese compounds. Phuki Maha offers visitors a truly unique 'Balinese experience', yet without sacrificing modern day luxuries. Services and Facilities:
Your 'Private Paradise' rests behind a 3-meter high wall, enclosing a well-manicured garden complete with tropical plants, flowers and trees. Three ancient shrines receive daily offerings from your staff, and a lotus pond with waterfalls and fish, lead you to your modern kitchen. There is a telephone, FAX, a TV, VCD player and full stereo system. A staff of 5 attends your every need, from cooking or cleaning, to driving to gardening and 24hour security. Facilities include:
* Large 4 room Villa (2 adults/2 child)
* Eating Hut (4 person)
* Modern Kitchen
* Eating/Living Pavilion (up to 8 person)
* Large Swimming Pool
Richly appointed with marble floors, floor to ceiling windows, and a beautiful Bamboo roof, Phuki Maha is large by villa standards. This building contains 4 rooms; A large bedroom area with queen bed approx. 6x6meter A large sitting area with daybed and eating table. 5x6meter A dressing area and toilet room. 4x3meter An 'outdoor' garden shower and large tub room 4x4 meter.