Villa Ombak

The resort is lovely, we originally had a Superior Lumbung Hut, but the stairs to the bathroom, were a bit of a concern, we moved to a Deluxe Ombak Room and no stairs, so better for us, (59 & 62). The salt water shower was 'different', at least there was fresh water to rinse off. Breakfast was very good, everything I wanted was there, so no problems for me, others said they wanted more variety, but I was very happy with the selection. The bar and restaurant at the front was great, had lunch and cocktails watching the boats leaving and arriving, found that very relaxing. The fact that there were no cars or bikes on the island, only horse and carts was a bonus for us, so peaceful, 45 mins around the island in the horse and buggy was well worth the cost, not expensive, only Rp150,000 = $15.00 Australian and the buggy holds 3 adults, so cheap way to have a look around. Would I stay there again, maybe, it was good, but so many others to choose from, would I recommend it, yes, but only for a few days, the salt water shower is fine for a few days, but really enjoyed the fresh water shower back in Bal