A real deal in Legian / Seminyak

Reviewed July 15, 2013

I am a little ashamed to say BEST VALUE as I am older with the highest standards. but the BRAND NEW PLACE has some Very Serious Advantages. I know Bali 'Extremely Well' since I am an owner in the Hight End Hospitality Business there in Bali, And I know dozens of places. But when I am by myself, value is fine / fine. I don't brag about it!

My room and privacy was much better than the other discounted Gavensport or 101's in the area. Staff was great because they are 'Aston Trained' This place is a 'New Mini-Aston' so their standards are quite high. Breakfast was worth $4. If you are looking for a feast try the 101 buffet for $6. but I stay at a lot of Conrad and St. Regis, and frankly for a guy alone this was like a NEW ASTON For 70% off. I am very impressed. I like the minifrige. FORGET ABOUT THE POOL, but if you are looking for normal size, new, clean accomodations very near the Kuta Nightlife. Best Value by far. If you want Petitengnet or a Resort, not a fit. But I have had 3 good experiences, one in NEO Jakarta and 2 here in Legian. And it is a clear winner. Also they have a nice Air Con-ed Lounge, that a lot of hotels just do not do. Their SPA had great discounts. But most do. The Agoda Special sort of makes it, take advantage while they have it. Would easily stay there again, but not a pool resort kind of a place. Just the best by far, if you like Very Spiffy, New and near all the fun. Great Large Rooms, A very clean Ultra-Modern Oasis in frankly a hot humid am sometimes dirty region All New Gadgets. Everything Works No Bugs Very Good TV Cable Good Air Con. Great Beds Excellent Staff - Noticably Professional Outstanding Value and Price. Location - Great for Fun ! No gardens, not a 'ressort', modern bliss