Get pampared... dive in luxury!!

Reviewed August 3, 2011

An absolutely stunning retreat on a tiny island off Manado, Lembeh hill resort is an ultimate spot for luxurious seclusion and muck-diving.

With the resort own boat and dive facilities, you can take a pick of fabulous places to dive and discover. If you are not sure of dive site here (like me) - the guides are so experienced they know excatly where to take so that you don't miss a thing that Lembeh offers - be its famous sea dragon or hairy octopus or pygmy sea horse among rest. Apart, you will totally get pampered with their personalised care during each dive ( i do not even have to set up my diving gear. In fact you can remove your gears before climbing on the boat after dive- and they will take care of rest. the dive boats offers hot towels, hot choclate, fruit platter etc to pamper you after each dive).

Even while you are not diving, the majestic view from the infinity pool this resort boast off, spectacular surrounds, great food and spa are more than enough to completely soak your senses. The staff here redefines the meaning of hospitality - from their very friendly and welcoming smile to the prompt service: I wonder what keeps them so motivated to provide best in class service to each and every guest. Apart from stay, the resort staff also goes extra mile to make your travel as comfortable as possible with its personalised pick-up and drop as well as dedicated airport lounge (where the staff will even volunteer to take care of your check-in etc).

Overall a truly fantastic place - from stay to food and of course, muck-diving!! it is a truly special place where everything has been meticulously considered to relax the mind, yet completely spoil the senses.