Nice first impression of an old villa

We stayed for 5 days 4 nights in a 'deluxe villa'. The kitchen, and bathroom was outdoor. The bedroom is the only air conditioned room. As we stepped into the main lobby, the receptionist were friendly and polite in their greetings. Our check in was a breeze. We were located at villa 1, few meters from the lobby. It was a good thing that WiFi was strong in the lobby and our villa. The villa had a jacuzzi like pool, about 1.7m. The entrance of the bedroom was a kitchen sink, mini fridge and instant noodles. There was 2 chairs and table outside where breakfast is placed every morning. Not much of a view as it is closed of by walls of the next villa. In the bedroom lies a queen size bed, sheets made of rough cotton, TV and two side tables with lamps. The toilet has a bathtub but there seem to be dead flies/bugs every morning. A cupboard looks like its not been used for quite some time from the webs at the corners. It's a relieve they clean the floors every day for stepping in and out of the toilet to the bedroom leaves sandy and dirty foot marks on the white bedroom tiles. The towels and bedsheets are changed every day as well. Just leave the key to the receptionist. We didn't leave our valuables in the villa. Breakfast was acceptable, except that there was a dead small fly on the hotdogs one of the mornings. We head in the morning and only back at night to sleep. In my opinion, despite the dead bugs n difficulty maintaining the floors. It's not a bad option for a quiet peaceful sleep, no disturbance of traffic nor people. It rained on the 2nd night, by the morning the walkway way flooded with muddy water, 3 inches deep. Lucky we had our driver pick us up at our entrance. By the night, it was all clear and dry. The walkway was a good place to stargaze too. We had a free massage which was painful but worth it. We woke up fresh the next morning.