'tranquility' pool and the other pool 'splash pool'

Apr 02, 2011, 6:12 AM

We stayed in Samudra Raya last July for my sister's 40th birthday. I must admit we were a little nervous driving up the back lane to the villa but all our fears disappeared once we walked through the front door. There are two pools which are cleaned daily and a perfect temperature. My nephew called the pool in the middle 'tranquility' pool and the other pool 'splash pool'. What really made this place though, was how friendly were the people who worked there. We mostly ate in and the food was spectacular - we stuck to local recipes and were never disappointed. The place is a bit out of Seminyak but an easy taxi ride and the walk one way is doable if its not too sunny. Coming from Australia, being waited on hand and foot was a little uncomfortable at first but we soon got used to the daily laundry, water on tap and the genuinely friendly people and I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.