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Well Being Spa 
[Jl. Lasmana No. 66B] , [Seminyak] , [Bali]
At Well Being Spa, we endeavor to combine traditional Indonesian beauty treatment with modern techniques and equipment, to ensure that your journey with us will be throughly peaceful, revitalizing and luxurious one.

Well Being Spa Special Menu
Exotic Touch of Bali 2.5
hours Your exotic experience will begin with a gentle body exfoliation using a blend of granular herbal plant extract. We then buff the skin to a smooth feel with a Balinese polish called Boreh. This is followed by a cooling yogurt body mask to nourish skin. We then prepare a soothing soak in a tropical floral essential oil bath. A health tea herbal tonic known for its internal detoxification properties is offered as you relax. Last but not least, you will enjoy an hour of aromatherapy massage, using foot reflexology and lymphatic drainage techniques designed to help strengthen the body's sown healing potential.

Lulur Royale
2 hours Beginning with a Balinese ceremonial preparation combined with a Javanese beauty ritual we start with a Balinese massage next step is to exfoliate the skin, gently rubbing over your body a blend of granular plant extracts herbs. Then we buff the skin to a smooth feel new as a Javanese polish. Followed by a cooling yogurt splash. Then we prepare a warm floral oil bath for you to relax and luxuriate in (a health tea herbal tonic for its internal cleansing properties is offered to you as you relax).

Balinese Massage
0.5 hour to 1.5 hours Traditional Balinese massage has been passed down through generations, hand on healing techniques is applied with a combination of skin rolling, long kneading strokes acupressure and reflexology, with a blend of flower oil and specially selected herbs the muscles are warmed with the use of gentle palm pressure.

Remedial Massage 0.5 hour to 1.5 hours Designed to relieve tensions, aches and specific muscle tightness using Swedish massage techniques of stroking, kneading, and circular friction. This stimulating and firm pressure massage produces a marvelous sense of well-being.

Aromatherapy Massage
1 hour This subtle and aromatic experience awakens the body senses using foot reflexology and lymphatic strokes which are designed to strengthen the body healing potential. Aromatherapy massage includes the use essential oils, steam distilled extracts from plants infused in luxurious body oil. Enhancing the experience, aroma from the essential oils are released, having a subtle but real effect on the mind and via the senses, on the body.

0.5 hour to 1.5 hour A specialized foot and hand massage assisting in the relief of stress and tension. Helps to improve blood and nerve supply, fostering a restoration of the body's natural state of equilibrium. This techniques is based on the premise that the body contains energy or 'chi' constantly flowing through channels or zones which unite to from the reflex points on the feet and hands.

Shiatsu Massage
1.5 hours Traditional Japanese massage. Thai Massage
1.5 hours Traditional Thai massage. Well Being Massage
1.5 hours Combine with aromatherapy massage Shiatsu and Thai massage.

Sari Ayu - Flower Facial 1 hour This cleansing treatment uses essences of ylang-ylang rose and lemon specifically prepared for various skin types to keep your face clean, fresh and healthy, naturally.

Biokos Rumput Laut - Seaweed Facial
1 hour Blended with sea and ocean nutrients, this is an excellent treatment to hydrate dry or mature skin.

Biokos Lidah Buaya - Aloe Vera Facial
1 hour Aloe Vera, a plant know for its healing properties, as also believed to stimulate the skin cellular metabolism. Excellent for soothing and cooling the face after sun exposure.

Hair & Scalp Conditioning Cream Treatment
1 hour This special treatment cleanses and deep conditions hair and scalp. Begin with a stimulating shampoo using natural plant extracts a blend of chamomile, jojoba, ginseng and other extracts is massage into the hair and scalp. Emphasis is also placed on the neck and shoulder muscles to relieve any tension. Following this relaxing massage, the hair is gently steamed to allow deep penetration of this herbal blend, adding body and lustre to your hair. Final rinse (can blow dry upon request).

Other hair and scalp treatment that you can choose:

  • Hair cut (wash, cut, hair tonic, head massage (blow dry upon request)
  • Hair colouring
  • Wash and blow dry
  • Roll set (hair wash, hair tonic, head massage and styling)
  • Highlighting
  • Hair Perming
  • Hair Braiding (hair wash, hair tonic, head massage and braiding)
  • Shave or Beard Trim
  • Eyelash Tinting
  • Eyelash & Eye Brow Tinting
  • Waxing (both males and females).
  • Manicure & Pedicure
    Uses nourishing botanical extracts and massage combined with meticulous grooming techniques for hands and feet. Essential oils and plant extracts scrub compliments the hand and foot bath to increase blood circulation while softening the skin.

    Well Being Spa Special Packaged Treatments
    The Essence of Well
    Being 3 hours Pamper you self with a relaxing facial treatment and choose from Aloe Vera, Seaweed and floral facial masks with your skin throughly cleansed and balance, treat your hair and scalp to a conditioning cream massage. Include with a manicure and pedicure which leaves you relaxed and beautiful from head to toe.

    The Touch of Well Being3 hours
    Begin this well being experience with an exfoliating body scrub where a blend of granular herbal extract is applied to your skin. This traditional Balinese body polish called Lulur is then applied and your skin is buffed to a beautiful smooth finish. A cooling preparation of Aloe Vera or Seaweed extract is then smoothed over to nourish the skin.Soak a while in our aromatherapy ozone spa whilst sipping Health Tea. Last but not least, experience a full body massage where your choice of Aloe Vera, Seaweed or floral extracts are gently massage into your skin. Complete the experience with a hand foot massage and feel refreshed ready to experience the touch of Bali.

    The Splendour of Well Being
    3.45 hours (two therapists) This very special package begins with a traditional Balinese body scrub using either Aloe Vera or Seaweed extracts to awaken you skins natural glow. Then an aromatherapy ozone spa where the warm water enhances relaxation of all your muscles. All this followed by a choice of Aloe Vera, seaweed or floral extracts facial. A hand or foot massage is included for your total relaxation. Finally hair and scalp are conditioned using a creamed conditioner and your experience completed with a manicure and pedicure.

    Note : 1. Reservation should be made 24 hours in advance 2. Transfer are provided at the certain area ( Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur ) minimum for 02 guests, except for Ubud area will charge us$ 25 per car per one way transfer 3. Welcome Drink is available 4. Guests must take the voucher of ABL Tour & Travel, and show the coupon/voucher to the receptionist upon arrival.

    Sorry, spa rate information is not available, for information and reservation please contact us

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